Questions to Expect at a Car Crash Deposition in Carrollton

A car crash deposition is a part of the discovery phase of civil litigation. A deposition means that the car accident victim already filed a lawsuit, but the case has not gone to trial. In addition, it is a question and answer session where you, the other driver, and witnesses tell your version of events.

A car crash deposition is crucial for several reasons. For example, it allows you to tell how your life has been since the accident and the things you’ve had to endure. In addition, the car crash deposition will enable the parties to know the strength and weaknesses of each other’s case.

Our Carrollton car accident lawyers bring you sample questions to expect at a car accident deposition in this article. If you suffer injuries in an accident that’s not your fault, contact us immediately for expert legal advice and representation.

What Questions Should You Expect at a Car Crash Deposition? 

Typically, the questions asked in a car crash deposition seek to establish three things: your personal background, how the accident happened, and the nature and extent of your car accident injuries. Again, our Carrollton auto accident lawyers will expound on this.

Personal Background

This part of the questioning seeks to establish who you are and your life before the accident. It starts with the most basic information and goes deeper into details you wouldn’t ordinarily share with others. You may be uncomfortable answering some of these questions, so you can decline to answer. Your lawyer will be there to coach you on what to say and what not to say.

Below are some of the personal questions to expect:

  • Name, address, telephone number, and date of birth
  • Your residential address for the past ten years
  • Educational background
  • The schools you attended and degrees
  • Your family background and marital status
  • The number of children you have and if any of them lives with you
  • Your health and medical background
  • Whether you had a preexisting injury or medical condition before the accident
  • Employment background
  • Whether you’ve ever filed a lawsuit
  • Criminal background, especially if you have been convicted of a crime, etc.

How the Accident Happened

After the personal questions, the next thing is establishing how the accident happened. Here, you’re not allowed to make mistakes with your answer, and you must answer honestly. Keep in mind that a court recorder attends the car crash deposition to record your answers. Also, your answers are admissible as evidence in court, and contradicting yourself later would only harm your case.

Below are questions to expect on how the accident happened:

  • Time, date, day of the week, and location of the car crash
  • Your destination and where you were coming from
  • The weather condition
  • Whether there was traffic. If yes, was it light or heavy traffic?
  • Were there traffic control devices like traffic lights, lane markings, stop signs, crosswalks, and other markings
  • What the other driver did and when. The question might demand specifics, so only answer what you know.
  • How fast you were going
  • Where the cars collided on the roadway and where they rested
  • The physical damage your car had
  • What happened to your body when the vehicles collided
  • Photos or diagrams of the crash scene etc

Your Injuries and Treatment

The last line of questioning focuses on your injuries and treatment. Typically, the questions seek to establish whether the car crash caused your injuries or a preexisting condition. In addition, the defense lawyer wants to ensure you don’t get compensated for injuries you had earlier before the accident.

For instance, suppose you had an accident at home where you fractured your arm. On your way to the hospital for treatment, you got into an accident. You cannot make the at-fault driver pay for your fractured arm; they will only pay for the wound from the accident.

Here are some questions to expect:

  • What wounds do you claim the accident caused?
  • Did you have any health condition before the accident that you believe the crash aggravated?
  • What doctor did you see for your injuries?
  • What symptoms did you have at the accident scene? For example, were you able to walk around at the crash site?
  • Have you incurred medical bills so far?
  • Did your injury affect your day-to-day activities? Etc.

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