Are Settlements in Douglasville Different From Jury Verdicts?

Have you ever escaped a Douglasville personal injury accident? If you have, then you can recover financial compensation. A Douglasville personal injury attorney can help you get the maximum compensation. You can get this money from court judgments or personal injury settlements. In fact, many personal injury claims don’t make it to trial.

This is because most parties would rather escape lengthy and unpredictable trials. Therefore, it’s crucial to know whether settlements differ from jury verdicts. An excellent Douglasville personal injury attorney can explain how both compensation systems work. That’s why you should hire a lawyer immediately after an accident.

Do Settlements in Douglasville Differ From Jury Verdicts?

Yes, settlements are different from court judgments in different ways. Both systems may even have more differences than similarities. Firstly, settlement negotiations are private arrangements. This agreement usually is between the victim and the responsible party. The fault party’s insurance company also partakes in this process.

This is because the insurer usually pays the compensation. On the other hand, jury verdicts are public processes. First, the jury has to sit through a trial in a court of competent jurisdiction. Then, after listening to both parties and the judge’s instructions, they return a verdict. However, these aren’t the only differences between both compensation systems.

So, below, we further highlight how settlements in Douglasville differ from jury verdicts.


The primary reason people choose settlements over lawsuits is speed. A typical personal injury lawsuit can take several years before resolution. Even after the jury’s verdict, any party can appeal the judgment for many more years. Conversely, parties can settle within a shorter time frame.

Since it’s a private arrangement, it can take weeks or a few months to reach an agreement. This means that the victims get the financial compensation quicker. Furthermore, they can also put their loss behind them. This way, it’s easier to get back to their lives. Finally, a settlement agreement often means that the victim cannot sue the fault party again.

Available Types of Damages

Personal injury victims can also get several types of compensation depending on whether they choose a trial or settlement. Usually, a lawsuit allows you to claim under many heads of damages. Settlements can offer fewer types of compensation primarily because the insurer has significant control over the system. For example, you can get punitive damages in a jury verdict. However, an insurance company will not allow exemplary damages against itself in a settlement agreement.

Statute of Limitations

Another difference between settlements and jury verdicts is the statute of limitations. This statute refers to the periods you must file a compensation claim. In Douglasville, for example, the law only grants you two years to file a car accident claim. Notably, this time starts counting from the accident date. However, it only applies to personal injury lawsuits.

We mean that you can negotiate and accept a settlement beyond this deadline. However, many insurance companies have time frames within which you must start insurance proceedings. But, again, these rules differ from Georgia’s personal injury statute of limitations.

Should I Choose a Douglasville Settlement or Jury Verdict?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question. This is because the best decision depends on the circumstances of each case. Where settlements may be ideal for one plaintiff, it may be a terrible idea for another.

That’s why it’s always best to hire a Douglasville personal injury attorney. An experienced lawyer will know whether to advise you to choose a settlement or go to court. Factors they’ll consider while making this decision include:

  • The fault party
  • Your percentage of fault, if any
  • Whether or not you have any pre-existing conditions
  • How much the insurance company offers
  • Your chances of winning a lawsuit
  • The financial implications of both options

Fortunately, we offer FREE case reviews at the Law Office of John B. Jackson. Therefore, we can tell at the initial consultation what’s the best move for your case.

Douglasville Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Have you survived a Douglasville personal injury accident? Then, you may be eligible for damages. This is all the more possible where you aren’t the fault party. First, however, you’ll need the best Douglasville personal injury lawyers. Attorneys are necessary because they increase your chances of getting any money.

We have just the right lawyers for your case at the Law Office of John B. Jackson. Our attorneys have several years of experience handling personal injury claims. We’ve also won significant amounts as settlements and as court judgments. This is the expertise and excellent track record we bring to the table. Therefore, it’ll be best to call us today for a FREE case review.