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What Are Common Types of Product Liability Claims?

The most common product liability claims are caused by the following:

Manufacturing Defects

A product is considered to be a manufacturing defect when it gets flawed as a result of an error made during manufacture. And for this reason, the product causing the injury is not the same as all the other identical products in the sales funnel. An example of a manufacturing defect could include:

Design Defects

This kind of defect comes from the manner the product was created and manufactured. Therefore, a design defect will affect all the products in that line of the market. Rather than a single product. A few design defect examples include:

A faulty wiring issue causing an outlet to catch fire.

Failure to Warn

A failure to warn product liability claim is a little different from defective product suits. Brands are mandated to show warnings on their products if it may present potential dangers not apparent to the consumer or requires the consumer to exercise care when using the product. Here are some examples of failure to warn scenarios:

How is Liability Proven in a Product Liability Claim?

Product defect Liability in Georgia is under strict liability, which means the claimant will have to prove the following when filing a product liability suit:

Note that unlike other tort cases, these actions don’t need determination of fault to be proven. It’s because, in these liability actions, the plaintiff will only need to prove that the tort happened and who was the responsible party for it.

What To Do If You Were Injured By a Product Defect?

A product can turn to be defective for a myriad of reasons. There are times when the problem lies in design – the product was made negligently and dangerously. Sometimes the problem is in the manufacturing process.
The liability claim will be affected by the question of cause, but it won’t change the pain suffered from an injury caused by a product defect. It’s crucial to stay calm in the aftermath of the injury to adequately protect your legal rights.
Don’t throw away the product. If it’s possible, ensure you keep the product. That doesn’t mean for you to harm yourself further, but it’s integral to retain possession of the product. At our product liability law firm, we have experts who will examine and determine whether the product is defective and what the cause of the defect was.
Ensure you’ve compiled any documentation you may have showing acquisition or purchase of the product in question and bring it during your free consultation with our team of personal injury attorneys. If you reach out to us earlier, the easier it will be to conduct investigations on your injury and come up with a compelling case for you.

How Does a Carrollton Product Liability Attorney Prove Fault?

Each product liability case is different and fact-specific. At the Law Office of John B. Jackson, we are experienced and have substantial legal resources at our disposal that are sure to prove wrong-doing in all kinds of product liability cases. Safety specialists and design experts are our consultants and offer us invaluable perspectives to assist us in uncovering loopholes in safety precautions and testing.
An attorney reviewing a product liability claim.
Our team takes extensive time reviewing safety records, blueprints, and other valuable company records. We take a look at every perspective to understand better whether the retailer, supplier, manufacturer, or other party acted with negligence.
We thoroughly prepare your product liability cases and come armed with an extensive amount of evidence that proves wrong-doing the court of law. We will go the extra mile to ascertain that you and your loved one get full financial compensation against all parties at fault.

Who Can be Named in Product Liability Lawsuit?

The liable party can be any entity in the manufacturing funnel of the product – that refers to the retailer, wholesaler, supplier, and manufacturer. As our client, you won’t need to worry about who’s liable. We have a devoted team of investigators and experts who will scrutinize the claim and pinpoint the responsible party.

What Elements are Needed to Prove a Product Liability Case?

In Georgia, the plaintiff must be able to prove:

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Product liability cases are very tricky and complicated. It usually involves difficult inquiries of federal and state law concerning your case. At times, challenging questions of science and medicine may also be included as well.
This is why it’s important to get in touch with experienced Carrollton product liability lawyers as soon as you can.
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