Filing Personal Injury Claims on Behalf of Children in Carrollton, GA

Personal injury claims involving child injuries in Carrollton, GA have similarities and differences with adult injury claims. However, children will not be able to process the filing of the claims on their own. With claims involving children and child injuries, it is the parents or guardians who will file on their behalf.

There are certain aspects and regulations unique to these personal injury claims in Carrollton, GA. To ensure a smooth process on child injury claims, you need to rely on a personal injury attorney in Carrollton.

 Important Steps to Take in Filing for a Claim after Child Injuries in Carrollton, GA

Just like adult injuries, child injuries may vary in nature, severity, and effects. To recover damages and help pay for hospitalization, rehabilitation, and other expenses, you can choose to file a claim.

This claim will be filed against the liable party in Carrollton, GA. You may seek for damages from a property owner, a daycare, or a hospital depending on the type of accident. Typically, the settlement compensation will come from the insurance company of the liable entities.

Georgia state laws allow the parents or guardian of the child to file two separate claims in Carrollton, GA. This means that you will be able to file one claim for your child and another for your own compensation. If you’re not sure how to accomplish this, you need to consult with a Carrollton personal Injury lawyer immediately.

 Why is There a Need for a Personal Injury Attorney in Carrollton for a Claim Involving Child Injuries?

Given the unique aspects of a child injuries claim, it is crucial that you have sufficient legal help. A Carrollton personal Injury lawyer can serve as your staunchest ally in this most challenging time.

You may no longer have the time to look after your claims as you take care of your injured child. Or, you may have decided to file the claim years after the accident in Carrollton, GA. Regardless of your unique situation, you can benefit from the committed help of a personal injury attorney in Carrollton.

Other no less important reasons why you need the services of a Carrollton personal injury lawyer are:


  • The tolled deadline/statute of limitations

Unlike the strict deadlines of adult personal injury claims, child claims may be tolled or paused. A personal injury claim involving adults may be bound by time limitations of a couple of years or so. Under state laws, however, you may still file for a claim two years after your injured child turns eighteen. A reliable personal injury attorney in Carrollton can help you distinguish the differences between adult injury and child injury claims.


  • The permissibility of two separate claims

A personal injury claim involving a child allows parents or guardians to file two separate claims. One settlement amount serves to compensate the parents for their expenses, medications, hospitalizations and so on. The other serves to compensate for the child’s losses such as lost opportunities in his or her future. A Carrollton personal injury lawyer will be able to facilitate the filing of two claims, not just one.


  • The need for court approval on certain settlement amounts

The court may impose regulations and conditions on certain types of settlement amounts. This is especially the case for settlement amounts that reach up to $15,000 or more. With the counsel of a personal injury attorney in Carrollton, you will know which settlements come with certain regulations.

 Choosing the Right Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer to Handle Claims Involving Child Injuries

Since not all lawyers are created equally, you have to make a wise choice. There are several important qualities to look for in a reliable personal injury attorney in Carrollton.

If possible, choose someone who has a keen understanding of state and local laws. Certain laws, such as negligence laws, may be unique to some states only. It is thus crucial for you to choose a Carrollton personal injury lawyer for your claims in Carrollton, GA.

You will also want to go for a personal injury attorney in Carrollton experienced in child injury claims. This way, you are relying on someone who knows how to deal with insurance representatives for cases involving children.

Finally, choose a Carrollton personal injury lawyer who shows a sincere desire to help. Child cases can be sensitive and even traumatic to minors. You need to trust in a legal counsel who is committed and compassionate at the same time.

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There is every reason for you, as a parent or guardian, to fight for a full and fair settlement amount. This is especially important if child injuries sustained in Carrollton, GA are the result of someone else’s negligence.

To help you make the initial step, work with a lawyer at the Law Office of John B. Jackson.

Get in touch with a Carrollton personal injury lawyer to get help on your child injuries claim today.