The Police Report is Critical to Your Douglasville Car Accident Lawsuit

Calling the police after your Douglasville car accident can make the difference between losing your case and winning your case. People don’t realize the kind of valuable information contained in a police report. You also hurt your chances of proving the other driver was at fault if you don’t call the cops.

If you get into a car accident, there are a few things you need to do. This is true no matter how minor the car accident may be. These include:

  • Call 911 – You need to make sure the police come to the scene.
  • Seek medical treatment immediately – Even if you don’t think you’re injured, you need to get checked out at the hospital
  • Contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Douglasville, Georgia

If you don’t do these simple things, you risk losing your chances at being compensated for your injuries. Your Douglasville car accident lawyer needs to be able to prove your case. This means they need medical records showing that you were injured. You’ll also need the information contained in the police report.

Your Douglasville accident lawyer will already have their work cut out for them. Don’t make their job any harder than it already is.

What Information is in the Police Report?

As inconvenient as it may seem to wait around for the police to arrive at the scene, it’s really important that they come. They’ll conduct a thorough investigation. They’ll also prepare a police report that you can use in your car accident lawsuit.

Some of the information contained in the police report include:

  • Description of the accident scene and road conditions
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses
  • Pictures of the victims, the cars and the scene
  • Statements made by the drivers involved
  • License and insurance information for all parties involved
  • Notes about any tickets or citations issues

It’s not just the fact that the police will prepare a report that helps your case. It’s also the fact that the police are at the scene. They have a much easier time collecting information than your attorney will. A lot of people will talk to the cops much easier than they will a private person.

The Police Report Will Help Your Case

There is no better time to determine fault than immediately after the car accident. This is when the evidence is fresh and untainted. The cops can look at the positioning of the cars. They can look to see what the road conditions are like. They can also interview the drivers involved in the crash.

Some of the things the cops will determine include:

  • Were either of the drivers speeding at the time of the crash?
  • Did anyone flee the scene?
  • Are any of the drivers involved under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Did the drivers have a valid license and insurance?
  • Does anyone need immediate or special medical care?

You can’t really get this information on your own. And, once you leave the scene of the crash, it may be impossible to gather some of this evidence.

There is no good reason not to call the cops. If the other driver asks you not to call the police, there’s probably a pretty good reasons.

Some of these reasons are:

  • They don’t have a valid license
  • They don’t have insurance
  • They’re drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • They’re driving a stolen vehicle
  • They have active warrants

No matter how much they beg you not to call the cops, don’t agree to that. You need the cops there to ensure that you have a shot at being compensated for your injuries.

Your Douglasville Car Accident Lawyer Can Present the Police Report in Court

While most car accident cases in Douglasville do settle out of court, you may have to go to trial. If this happens, your Douglasville car accident lawyer will need the police report. They can submit the report as evidence in court. The judge and the jury can look at the report and use it to determine fault.

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