Safety Tips for This Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s important that we provide you with a few safety tips. The last thing we want to do is have a client come into the office who was injured while they were trying to enjoy their holidays. Of course, things happen. This is the time of year when millions of people get on the road and travel out of town to visit family and friends. It’s also a time of celebration. People go to holiday parties or visit their family and have one too many cocktails and then get behind the wheel. Hopefully, you’re not one of these people. Unfortunately, even if you’re not, that doesn’t mean somebody else who did imbibe won’t crash into your vehicle. If this happens, or you’re injured in any way during the holidays, contact one of our Douglasville injury lawyers.

We like to offer new clients a free consultation as a way for them to find out if their case has merit. You can ask our Georgia accident lawyers any questions you may have and find out what your case may be worth. This also gives our team a chance to find out if your claim has merit.

Here, we will talk about a few of the things you need to be careful about coming into the holiday season. Ideally, we won’t need to meet with any of you during the holidays. But if something does happen and you need us, it’s nice to know that we are there. So, let us start our list of safety tips for this holiday season.

Be Careful if You’re Traveling Out of Town This Holiday Season

If you’re one of those people who travel out of town for the holidays, remember that there are thousands of other people sharing the road with you. Even with the various apps available on your cell phone, people still do get lost during the holidays. Someone may be unfamiliar with the highway that you’re driving on and end up getting into an accident. Other people are so worried about getting to their destination that they drive a lot faster than they should. So, being extra careful on the road is the first of the safety tips we want you to remember.

These are the kind of things that can cause unnecessary car accidents. If you happen to fall victim to one of these accidents, contact our Douglasville injury lawyers and they can set you up with your free consultation.

Remember That the Parking Lots Will Be Busy with Impatient Drivers

Even though most people do a lot of their holiday shopping online, a lot of us still go to the malls during the holidays. This means that you’ll be sharing the parking lot with a lot of impatient drivers who can’t wait to pull into your spot. We’re all guilty of this. You drive into a busy parking lot and see a spot 100 feet away. You speed up a little bit just to make sure everyone knows that that is your spot. In doing so, you end up getting hit from behind by another impatient driver who has their eyes set on the same parking spot. Hopefully, this will not leave anybody with any serious injuries. However, you will still be entitled to damages for any cosmetic damage to your vehicle and any personal injuries you suffer.

safety tips

Hire a Professional to Hang Your Outdoor Decorations 

If you’re the kind of homeowner who likes to put up a ton of decorations outside, you still need to consider safety tips. Decorating inside your home is one thing. But if you like to hang a lot of strings of lights  from your roof or the facade of your house, you should probably hire a professional. We meet with dozens of clients every year who hurt themselves while hanging their lights. While you may not necessarily have a claim for damages, it is still something you need to keep an eye out for.

Look at the Warning Labels on Toys You Buy Your Kids

Last on our list of safety tips – toys. IIf you have children, you probably like to spoil them around the holidays. You buy them a bunch of toys and don’t pay attention to the warning labels. Our Douglasville injury lawyers meet with parents every now and then whose child was injured while playing with a toy. Manufacturers are required to put clear warning labels on the packaging of any toy that could be harmful to a child. They are also required to put an age limitation on their toy. If you buy a toy that is designated as safe for your child and they still get hurt, you may have a claim for damages.

If Something Does Happen, Call One of Our Douglasville Injury Lawyers

Despite these safety tips, something may happen and ruin your holiday celebration and you may need the help of a seasoned Douglasville injury lawyer. Whether someone rear ends your car in a busy parking lot or you hurt yourself hanging your lights, you may be entitled to damages. Despite the fact that most people think attorneys don’t work during the holidays, it can be our busiest season. With so many people traveling to unknown places, there are a lot more motor vehicle accidents this time of year. Also, when people go to holiday parties, they tend to drink more than they normally would. When this happens, people get behind the wheel and end up Injuring innocent people. When this happens, you should contact one of our Georgia accident lawyers right away.

We offer new clients a free, initial consultation so they get a chance to have a professional attorney review their case for no charge. Not only does this give you a chance to ask any questions you may have, but it gives our Douglasville injury lawyers a chance to see if your case has merit. If we feel that you do have a valid claim, we may be willing to represent you in the matter. If, however, we do not feel your claim has merit, we will be upfront and honest with you. We would not want you to waste your time or money on a case it’s not worth pursuing.

Since your initial consultation is free, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it. The defendant is going to have a team of attorneys working for them and you need to have somebody in your corner fighting for you.