How Does Your Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer File Suit in the COVID Era?

Ever since the COVID-19 virus arrived in the U.S., the whole country has been in upheaval. Business shut down. People lost their jobs. Just about every industry has been affected in one way or another. This includes the court system. When the virus first got out of hand, most courthouses closed. Cases were put on hold. Carrollton car accident lawyers had no way to communicate with their clients other than by phone or email. Cases scheduled for trial were put on indefinite hold. It was frustrating for everybody – defendants and plaintiffs.

While most of the courts in Georgia have reopened, it still isn’t business as usual. There is a logjam. Cases that should have been resolved over a year ago are still on the docket. Cases that were waiting to be filed got pushed to the sidelines. The biggest fear for most Georgia car accident lawyers is that their clients will miss the statute of limitations. The courts gave a minor reprieve but not a permanent one. Accident victims are waiting to see where their case stands. If you fall into this category, one of our accident attorneys may be able to help. And, if thousands of other accident victims, you’re still waiting to file suit, don’t waste any more time. You need to get in our office and have an experienced accident lawyer review your case as soon as possible.

Most Courts Have Reopened at this Point

By this point, most of the courts have reopened. They may not have normal business hours just yet. A lot of staffers are still working remotely. Social distancing is required in all public buildings. This means that the courts can’t handle as many people at any given time. This means that your case may take longer than you anticipated to go to trial. The good news is that most cases never make it to trial anyway. Your Carrollton car accident lawyer is going to work tirelessly to settle your case. This way, you can walk away with a lump sum and resolve your case as quickly as possible.

It’s a Lot Harder to Meet with Your Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer in Person

One of the tricky things about the COVID pandemic is that people can no longer meet in person. In order to keep everybody as safe as possible, Carrollton car accident lawyers are doing as much remote work as possible. This means that your initial consultation will be done over the phone or through a video program. This can be difficult for some people. Without a person standing in front of you, it seems much harder to explain your case. You lose a lot of the animation that you would have if you were in your attorney’s office. Just know that your lawyer is going to do whatever they can to get you the compensation you deserve. Also, keep in mind that the defendant is in the same boat as you. Neither side has any real advantage over the other.

Courts are Deciding as Much as Possible without the Need for a Hearing

Before the virus hit, the courts typically handled even the simplest of motions in person. The judge usually goes into a motion hearing with their mind already made up. What this means is that there is little any car accident attorney can say or do to change the judge’s mind. So having them decide so many more matters on the papers isn’t necessarily a big change. The cases will likely be decided the exact same way. This also gives you and your lawyer a bigger chance of settling your case out of court which is your best option.

There’s Even More Incentive to Settle Out of Court

Knowing the courts are doing fewer in-person hearings, you have an even greater reason to settle your case. Know going into this that your case was probably going to settle anyway. Why waste time going back and forth when you and your lawyer understand that a settlement may be in order.

Call and Talk to a Seasoned Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer Today

If your loved one is injured in any sort of motor vehicle accident, it can be scary. It’s scary under any conditions. But it’s even worse during this COVID pandemic. Instead of panicking, just call our office and set up your free, initial consultation. Talk to a Carrollton car accident lawyer who knows how to navigate the court system during this uncertain time.