Teenage Girl Hospitalized After Fight At School

Fighting is far more common at school but incidents rarely result in hospitalization and even more rarely involve girls. Yet Iris Narens was hospitalized after getting into a physical fight with another unnamed girl at school which resulted in a cracked skull and broken nose according to her mother.

The substitute teacher reported that the incident started after Iris corrected the other girl’s work on the board in the classroom. Allegedly, some racial comments were exchanged which resulted in the girl getting out of her seat and the two girls physically attacking each other. The teacher says that both girls were equally involved in the fight.

The entire altercation was of course captured on video providing evidence of what really happened. The video show the other girl slamming Iris’ head into the wall which caused the injury for which she needed to be airlifted to hospital. Even if both girls were mutually involved in the physical fight, only one ended up in hospital due to the level of violence that that was expressed.

The school board says that the matter is under investigation by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Department and the Superintendent of Barrow County Schools says that they do not condone violence. Although both girls have been suspended as a result of the fight, who should ultimately be held responsible for these violent events? The school board, Barrow County Schools Department, the parents of the children, the teacher?

Iris’ mother is understandably angry and extremely upset and wants steps to be taken to prevent this type of event occurring in the future. But what steps should be taken to avoid fights from occurring in the future?

There is legal recourse that can be taken against all parties involved consisting of civil suits against any and all parties involved as well as charges that can be brought against the two girls. Read the full story on FOX 5 Atlanta.

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