How to File a Claim for a Car Accident Injury in Atlanta, Georgia

Were you injured in a car accident in Atlanta? You are not the only one. Every year, almost 20,000 Georgians have the same fate. Your priority immediately after the accident should be to receive medical attention. Even if your car accident injury seems superficial, it could have long-term complications, so it is better to have a doctor look at it.

Once you know you and all the other persons involved in the car accident are safe, you can start worrying about Georgia laws and your rights and obligations. If the accident was not your fault, or the other party or parties involved were more at fault than you, the law gives you to right to request compensation for your losses and damages. In order to protect that right, you should follow a few preliminary steps, detailed below.

Steps to Follow after a Car Accident Injury in Atlanta, GA, to Help Your Claim

1. Report the Accident

If the accident resulted in injuries, death, and/or property damage exceeding $500, you will need to report it to the Atlanta Police Department. You can do so by calling 911. If there were no injuries and the damages are minor, the police may not come to the scene. You should download the Personal Report of Accident form from the Georgia Department of Driver Services website and fill it in as detailed and as accurately as you can.

2. Exchange Contact and Insurance Information

Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia
Suffering from a car accident injury? The Law Office of John B. Jackson can help you file a claim.

In order to file a car accident injury claim, you need to know against whom to file it. Therefore, get the contact and insurance details of everyone involved in the accident, namely:

  • Name, address, and phone number
  • Driver/passenger status, car make and model, driver license no., car license plate no.
  • Insurer, policy number, coverage

3. Gather Evidence and Witness Testimonies from the Scene

The outcome of your car accident injury claim will depend on your ability to prove that:

  • The other driver/drivers had the duty of care to act in a certain manner
  • They breached their duty
  • Their breach caused the accident and, implicitly, the damages and injuries you sustained

To prove this, consider taking photos of the accident scene to show how it happened, what vehicles were involved and what damages resulted. Find witnesses to corroborate your story regarding traffic maneuvers and fault. Check the area for traffic or surveillance cameras and obtain copies of the video recordings. Finally, pay attention to the other driver’s statements and record them in case they admit fault.

If you follow these steps, when the time comes to file your car accident claim, your job will be half done.

How to File a Car Accident Injury Claim in Atlanta

If the driver at fault for the accident does not carry insurance or their insurance does not meet the state minimum, you can file the claim against your own insurer or file a civil lawsuit. The minimum liability insurance in Georgia is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per event for personal injury and $25,000 per event for property damages.

To make sure your claim is successful and you receive fair compensation, make sure to prove not only the fault of the other party, but also all the damages, expenses, and losses you have incurred. You can do so with documents and witnesses.

The goal of the claim adjusters is to pay as little as possible, so the compensation you receive will depend on your ability to prove, beyond the reason of doubt, that you were injured in a car accident you did not cause and you sustained significant damages and losses.

If the settlement offer you receive from the insurance company does not cover your losses, you can appeal it to the insurance company’s claim supervisor. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can take your case to court. The best way to make sure you get fair compensation and avoid hassles is to work with an Atlanta car accident attorney.

Reach Out to an Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer to Discuss Your Car Accident Injury Claim

When you are hurt in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia, it can be difficult to focus on gathering information and evidence and deal with the other driver’s insurance company on your own. An attorney can guide you every step of the way, protect your interests, and take over the hassle of filing the claim or suing the party at fault.

Contact the Law Office of John B. Jackson now, and get help with your Atlanta car accident injury claim. The first consultation is free and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy with our services, you can walk away with no costs within 30 days, but we will do everything in our power to make sure that will not happen.