VIDEO: How Much Compensation Do You Deserve?


How much compensation do you deserve?  This is the question that will inevitably go through a personal injury client’s mind at some point in time.  Believe me, from the time you walk into my office until your case is concluded I will be asking myself the same question.  In my first video I discussed the three phases of a personal injury claim. During the negotiation and litigation phases evaluating the claim is what an experienced trial attorney can do for you.  Even if it clear that the accident was not your fault, there are so many factors that come into the evaluation and it starts with how much insurance the person who hit you has available to them.  If they were working at the time of the injury then we need to be sure we explore all the possible insurance policies that might apply and what policies might provide you with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  You might be surprised at what policies will provide coverage to you.  This is done in the investigative phase discussed in the first video.  This is where an experienced attorney can maximize the value of your claim.

If there is adequate coverage then the amount of monetary damages and injuries need to be analyzed to determine how much compensation, including pain and suffering, you deserve.  We gather all the documentation for you that is needed to prove your damages in the case.   After we have done all of that and presented your case to the insurance company,  we begin the job of predicting what a Jury would do with your case.   Experience counts and experience matters when evaluating your case!  Watch my video then Call Me for a Free Consultation.