Surgical Errors: Getting Compensation for the Incident

In the United States, surgical errors happen every year. These accidents have shattered many dreams, caused unimaginable pain, and claimed lives. While every surgery doesn’t have a 100% chance of success, every patient goes into the operating room with the confidence that the surgical team will do the best they can.

The patient expects that the surgical team appreciates the delicacy of the procedure and will apply utmost care in carrying out the process. But, sadly, the outcome is sometimes different and many lives are lost as a result of avoidable errors in the operating room.

Apart from deaths, surgical errors have led to other irreversible injuries with life-long effects for the patient, families, and their loved ones. In Carrollton, Georgia, surgical errors happen because most surgical team members neglect best practices. But, can patients get adequate compensation for surgical errors?

Yes, they can, if they have an experienced medical malpractice lawyer on their side. This article discusses common surgical errors, why they happen, and how patients can get compensation.

Common Surgical Errors

What could go on in an operating room? Unfortunately, the answer is a lot of things. Below we discuss the most common surgical errors.

  • Forgetting Surgical Materials Inside the Patient

Surgeons sometimes leave equipment and tools like sponges, blades, and debris inside a patient’s body. Many patients only get to discover the error after complications begin to surface.

  • Damaging an Organ

Surgeons could unknowingly damage an organ while carrying out the operation. Seemingly minor organ cuts may not be evident during the operation but could deteriorate with time and cause internal bleeding.

  • Anesthesia Errors

It is pretty common for medical personnel to administer too much anesthesia. This action is likely to result in severe damage to the body or even death.

  • Operating on the Wrong Body Part

Often, surgeons end up performing major procedures like an amputation of the wrong organs or body parts. These body parts, which were previously in good condition, could suffer much damage afterward.

  • Operating on the Wrong Patient

There have been cases where surgeons operated on the patients they weren’t supposed to. This is common where the administrative staff unknowingly exchange patients’ information.

  • Using Defective or Contaminated Tools

Failure of surgical personnel to discard or sterilize formerly used tools is a common error in the operating room. Surgical personnel must carefully examine surgical tools to ensure that they are in good condition.

Causes of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors do not just happen. They result from dereliction of duty or the failure of surgical personnel to do their jobs carefully. Here are some of the most prominent causes of surgical errors.

  • Staff Shortage

Teamwork is one of the critical elements of a successful surgery. However, when the team is depleted, members struggle to meet their responsibilities, and errors are likely to happen.

  • Incompetence

Some surgeons are either not well trained or not trained to carry out the kind of surgery in question.

  • Drugs and Alcohol Use

Operations are delicate procedures that require undivided attention and utmost concentration. Drug and alcohol use before surgery will reduce alertness.

  • Poor Communication

Healthy communication between surgeons, nurses, and other staff is crucial to the success of an operation. When information about the state of the patient or procedure is not well relayed or understood, errors are likely to result.

  • Fatigue

While it is common knowledge that the job of the average hospital staff could be hectic, some hospitals go to the extreme. Several hospitals are understaffed and overstretch the physical endurance of the available personnel. When the surgical staff suffers from fatigue, they just want to round off surgery and go to rest. A surgical team that has been overworked will most likely end up giving less than their best.

Have You Suffered From a Surgical Error?

You deserve compensation if you have fallen victim to a surgical error in Carrollton. You shouldn’t be left alone to suffer the blowback of a mistake that isn’t yours. A personal injury lawyer will ensure that you aren’t cheated in the process of demanding compensation.

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