What To Do When a Drowsy Young Driver Caused Your Crash

Young people are notorious for staying out later, staying up longer, and still driving. Why would they do it? Often it’s because they’re trying to do too much. They work, they have an overactive social life, and then still try to do school or work second jobs. Although there’s a lot that the younger generation does to contribute positively, a drowsy young driver is a serious public safety hazard.

After a drowsy driving crash, you probably have serious injuries and extensive property damage. That type of damage and injuries call a local Lawrenceville car accident attorney. Your local attorney for car accident injuries should understand the full scope of issues that come with filing a claim against a drowsy driver. You may have to fight to show that clearly, this person should not have been behind the wheel.

A Drowsy Driver is More Likely to Be Young

Drowsy driving is such an issue, and people often overlook it. They think, you know, everyone drives a little tired now and then. In fact, we all drive a bit sleep-deprived every time we change our clocks back from daylight savings time. However, the people who are driving drowsy regularly are younger people.

You have probably passed teens or young adults on the road who were yawning or rubbing at their eyes. You have probably also heard people offer the advice of turning the cold air on and chewing on sunflower seeds. All bad situations. Look, drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. You have someone unresponsive behind the wheel that spells disaster.

Parents should make sure to talk to their teens about the dangers of tired driving. It’s always better to get some sleep and then return to the road well-rested. Don’t rely on caffeine and energy drinks to stay awake as they can result in a sudden crash.

Make sure that you report any tired drivers by calling 911. Give any information you can about the driver and the vehicle. It’s critical that you assess these situations as dangerous and notify authorities. It is possible that the person you saw wasn’t tired, but drunk or under the influence.

How Does Drowsy Driving Happen?

Drowsy driving happens when people simply demand too much of themselves. The reason why it takes the greatest hold on the younger community is that they’re often trying to outperform their peers or themselves.

A young driver may be getting off of their second job, or from school after working their job beforehand. There are so many possibilities, but almost all of them fall back to the demands that young people put on themselves. They may be trying to have an overactive social life while also working and going to school. A minimum of 50% of drowsy driving crashes involve people under the age of 25.

Does Being Tired Make Them At Fault?

Not necessarily. But, you can argue that their tired driving, or drowsy driving, is responsible for their inability to respond. They may not have realized that they slowed in traffic drastically, causing a crash. Additionally, they may not have known they had left their lane.

Drowsy driving does not inherently make someone responsible for a crash. But, it is likely connected to their behavior and the actions which caused the crash. It’s not fair to outright declare them at fault just for being tired, but they certainly hold some responsibility.

Can You File A Claim Against a Drowsy Young Driver

You can absolutely file a claim for a drowsy driver. The trouble is that the drowsy drivers don’t have the same clear cut evidence that drunk drivers do. You don’t have a BAC to prove that someone was tired. Now, after a crash with a drowsy driver is likely to become quite alert after a wreck. You’ll need the police to come in and make a judgment regarding the person’s ability to drive. With distracted drivers, you’ll need a thorough police report for your case.

Drowsy Driving Claims? Call a Lawrenceville Car Accident Attorney

Getting help after an accident where the driver makes no attempt to avoid the crash is hard. Not only are you trying to get through your recovery, but also, you’re in a situation where there wasn’t braking. There was no avoidance or attempt to alter the situation for injuries, which often means full force and serious or critical injuries. When you have these serious injuries, it’s no laughing matter. Get an experienced car accident law firm in Lawrenceville to fight for your drowsy driving claim.