How is Fault Determined in a Multi-Car Accident in Atlanta?

It is easy to determine fault when there are only two vehicles involved in an Atlanta, GA accident. The issue becomes a lot more complicated when it is a multi-car accident. If there are five cars, you would believe that the one who caused the first crash is liable. However, that isn’t always the case. There are many more factors to consider before identifying the guilty party. For such an accident, there is something that police officers look for. That is negligence.

Georgia is a modified comparative fault state. That is why there could be more than one driver who is at fault. If you are in a multi-vehicle accident, it is best to get an Atlanta, GA, car accident lawyer for advice. He will also be in a position to prove that you are not at fault. It is possible that you do share some responsibility for the crash. In that case, it is your lawyer’s job to determine that it was only a small percentage. That is important so that your compensation amount is significant.

Causes of Shared Liability and How a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Helps

In most cases, for there to be a multi-vehicle accident, there has to be shared blame. If everyone was following the traffic rules, the accident wouldn’t occur. Some of the issues that may lead to shared liability include:

  • Driving too close. You are required to leave reasonable space between you and the car that is ahead of you when driving. The three-second rule applies, and if you don’t follow it, then it could easily lead to a collision. Drivers not following that rule are a significant cause of multi-vehicle crashes. That is because if you followed it, it means that you’d see the collision and stop soon enough.
  • Driving while drunk. If you are intoxicated, it is likely that you will push too close to the car ahead of you. You may also over speed causing the chain reaction of a multi-vehicle accident.
  • Speeding. All the vehicles could be driving past the recommended speed and lead to the crash. In this case, all of them will share liability for the accident.

No matter the cause, you should consult your Atlanta, GA attorney as soon as the accident happens. He is the best person to guide you on the steps to take and how to prove your innocence.

How to Determine Fault in a Multivehicle Accident and Why You Need Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

Atlanta utilizes the modified comparative negligence formula when determining liability. That means that everyone that caused the accident shares the blame. Therefore, when investigations happen, the job will be to prove who was liable and by what percentage.

If a driver was liable for the crash, but the liability is less than 50% they can still collect compensation. However, their benefit is reduced by their percentage of responsibility. That means that if you were 10% liable for the crash, your compensation package will be reduced by 10%.

Liability is investigated by the police officers in Atlanta, GA, and they include it in their report. The insurance adjusters also carry out their investigations before starting to compensate the victims. If you were not to blame or you were only slight at fault, you need to prove it. Your lawyer will advise that you do the following:

  • Take photos. It is important to have pictures of the crash and the cars clearly shown. These are useful when investigations start to see who is to blame and who is innocent.
  • Get eyewitnesses. They will help in proving your statement about what happened. If their stories align with yours, you may end up without any blame at all.

Ensure that you limit your communication after the accident to conversations with your lawyer. The more people you talk to, the more at risk you are of saying something wrong.

Contact a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer for Immediate Help

It is more difficult to find the liable parties in a multi-car accident but investigations will reveal them. As a result, you need to protect yourself, and one way of doing so is by getting legal help. The lawyers at the Law Office of John B Jackson in Atlanta, GA are the best at handling crash cases. Ensure that you talk to us immediately after the accident occurs for direction on how to deal with it. We will use our experience to ensure that the claim goes in your favor and you get compensation.