Is COVID-19 Leading to Fewer Accidents?

In theory, yes, COVID-19 has led to fewer traffic accidents, especially in high traffic areas. If you looked out on Atlanta in late-March or early-April, you would see a ghost town. The exact images found of Atlanta in horror movies and apocalyptic shows, streets were empty, businesses were closed, and no one was out.

The few stragglers that did venture out were the essential workers that served on the front lines through the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the people in those front-lines were truckers. Long underappreciated, truckers kept to the roads to uphold the American supply-chain and provide many people with much-needed supplies. Unfortunately, the high demand for the trucking industry did result in many Atlanta truck accidents.

Restricting Travel with a Stay at Home Order

In early April, the COVID-19 cases hit over 8,000 in Georgia, and that number was still growing. It’s not unreasonable for the stay at home in order to go into effect so quickly. The surprising benefit, however, was fewer traffic accidents.

On March 23rd, the Mayor of Atlanta issued an executive order for all residents to stay at home unless they were providing vital services. Those vital services include police forces, fire departments, all medical staff, and food workers. That means that the majority of people are going to have to stay at home. Parks closed, major events were canceled, and more.

Restricting travel and trying to keep people at home will naturally result in fewer accidents with fewer cars on the road. It’s just a bit of common sense that fortunately means our first responders can handle other issues in the community.

Can You Get Arrested for Going Out?

Given that no one wants to introduce new people to the jail system and possibly spread COVID-19. It’s more likely that you’ll get a fine. Basically, the executive order did not outline the consequences, only that she introduced a judicial imposition that was enforceable by law. We’ve seen in other states that judges have instructed police to provide people violating the order, who also tested positive for COVID-19, with ankle bracelets.  Is this likely to happen in Atlanta? Not really.

You should not go out during the stay at home order. First, it’s against the temporary executive order from the mayor and governor. But more importantly, it can directly impact the product-supply chain that runs right through Atlanta. Many truckers have been in accidents recently as they come through Atlanta.

Why Are There Fewer Traffic Accidents in Atlanta Now?

There are clearly fewer traffic accidents in Atlanta because of the lack of people on the road. But there are also staggering insights. As non-essential businesses such as bars closed, the rate of drunk drivers dropped. The drop in drunk drivers could also link to people not being able to gather in large groups and needing to stay at home.

Other elements of fewer accidents involve the dissolution of morning traffic. How many Atlanta residents get into accidents during the early morning hours because they were rushing to work? The same goes for the afternoon. Everyone in a hurry to get home puts others around them at risk.

Major Truck Accidents During Quarantine

It’s strange for first responders because most of the accidents happening in or around Atlanta now involve trucks. Truckers falling asleep at the wheel or looking away for a moment are getting into accidents on nearby Interstates. While most of these accidents have been single-vehicle crashes, they’ve led to extensive time for road shutdowns.

Even a single-vehicle crash with a truck can mean hours of delays. It can make the road unusable for hours, depending on the materials dropped. Some of these crashes have involved other vehicles, though, and a few even involved injuries.

Resolving Your Truck Accident with a Truck Accident Attorney

After a truck accident, you’re not only worried about your car, but your injuries. These trucks are traveling at high speeds, with a huge amount of weight behind them. It’s only reasonable that you should have someone experienced handling your crash case. But what can you do? You can hire a local Atlanta truck accident law office.

With John B. Jackson and our team, you can rest easy knowing that you have access to someone willing to stand up to big trucking companies. Through the many stay at home orders, truckers were overworked, and the high demand led to many truck accidents. While car crashes were down, truck accidents were still happening. Call John B. Jackson law offices now for support.