Can I Switch Carrollton Accident Lawyers if I’m Unhappy?

Carrollton accident lawyers meet with potential clients all the time who want to switch attorneys. Perhaps their current attorney isn’t answering their calls or email fast enough. Or maybe they told them that their case isn’t worth enough to pursue in court. Of course, our attorney can review your case. However, if it doesn’t look like your case has merit, we’ll be upfront and honest.

For example, if your case is only worth a few hundred dollars, you can’t expect your Carrollton accident lawyer to spend a hundred hours on it. With cases that small, the hope is that the defendant will just settle to make the case go away. Either way, when our attorney reviews that case for you, they’ll be honest. If they’re not interested in pursuing the matter, they’ll tell you right away.

How Did You Find Your First Carrollton Accident Lawyer?

Most people find their Carrollton accident attorney by picking a name out of Google. Years ago, they would just pick a name out of the phone book. If you don’t do any research on your attorney, you can’t have any idea how they’ll perform. You probably talked to them for 5 minutes over the phone and haven’t heard from them since. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. You need to check out client reviews on their website.

Was a Lawsuit Already Filed?

If your prior attorney already filed suit on your behalf, it’ll be difficult to convince a new attorney to take on your case. The original attorney prepared the complaint, introduced themselves to the court and the attorney for the defendant. To start all over, you have to file a substitution of attorney form. Your new Carrollton accident lawyer would only be willing to do this if very little activity has been taking on the case.

Why Do You Want to Make a Change?

People decide to change lawyers more often than you may think. We see this all the time. And as much as we want to help people in need, there is a certain level of courtesy attorneys have to each other. The courts prohibit what’s referred to as forum shopping. It simply wouldn’t be fair for one attorney to do all of the work only for another attorney to come in and reap the rewards.

It Depends on How Far Your Case Has Progressed

The further along you are in your case, the less likely a new attorney will want to step it. It’s nothing personal. But imagine that your case is days or weeks away from settling. Your current attorney worked really hard to get your case to this point. It wouldn’t be fair to take the fee when they did all the work. However, if there is still a lot of work to be done, we’ll be more than willing to investigate your claim for you. Now, if your case is in the middle of trial, we’re not going to sign on.

You Can Always Call and Schedule a Free Consultation with a Carrollton Accident Lawyer

When you first hire a Carrollton accident lawyer, the hope is that they’ll work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. If you get the impression your case isn’t very important to your attorney, you may get frustrated. After all, every client should feel that their attorney has their best interests at heart. If they refuse to return your calls or emails, you may understandably get upset.

If your claim is very small, it could just be a matter of your attorney prioritizing larger cases ahead of yours. In the meantime, if you’re just not happy, you do have the right to choose another Carrollton accident lawyer. You’d have to call and schedule your free consultation with our firm first. Then you can meet with an attorney who will review your case.

A lot of attorneys don’t like to pick up cases midway through. But if you have nowhere else to turn, we may be able to help. Call and set up a date and time to come into the office. Sit down with someone who can answer your questions and give you their honest opinion about your case. If you feel they’ll be more effective than your last attorney, you can always request that we sign on as a substitute attorney.