Can You Get PTSD From a Car Accident?

PTSD in recent years has come to light as a severe and long-term mental disorder that can extensively change how people live their lives. You can definitely get PTSD from a car accident, especially if people or yourself were hurt, injured, or if there was a death in the crash.

There are so many factors to consider, and the biggest issue, perhaps, is that PTSD is not easy to diagnose. A PTSD diagnosis can help people understand why it’s impossible for them to get in a car, leave their house, or why they’re having panic attacks at stop signs. It’s vital that people who believe that the car accident has impacted their mental state get the appropriate help and support necessary to start their recovery.

If you’ve suffered PTSD from a car accident, you should contact an experienced automobile accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is PTSD Really?

PTSD is a disorder that happens when people experience a traumatic event in their life, and it drastically changes how they react and cope with everyday events. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder often happens with people who come out of war zones experience rape are victims of natural disasters or violent personal assaults.

Because you’re looking at extreme cases where people have experienced bombings firsthand or violent attacks, people often question that PTSD can come from car accidents too. The fact is that hurdling headlong toward a wall, another vehicle, or into a ditch at speeds of 50 mph or more that is a traumatic event. People that are in high-speed accidents, are hit from behind at high-speeds, or have severe injuries or deaths in crashes have had a near-death experience.

PTSD affects about 3.5% of adults in the U.S., and it often comes with these symptoms:

  • Intrusive and repetitive thoughts including flashbacks
  • Arousal or reactive symptoms including angry outbursts
  • Ongoing shame, guilt, or fear
  • Avoidance of things that could trigger memories or serve as reminders
  • Decreased or absent interest in activities they previously enjoyed
  • Self-destructive behavior

Do You Need a Diagnosis for PTSD?

Yes, like any other disorder or mental illness, you cannot just claim that you have something if you don’t have a doctor to prove it. What you’re looking for with your claim and your demand is a justification for the support, therapy, and treatment received for this disorder. In addition to any disorder, you’ll want to go through and evaluate the other ways that this has changed your life.

If you’ve had a loss of enjoyment or other losses, then you need to sit down with an expert and possibly your mental healthcare professional to assess the value of that loss. You do need a diagnosis, and how that happens is that the therapist or the psychiatrist will evaluate your emotional state and determine if your physical reactions are consistent with PTSD.

They may look for physical triggers such as sweating, increased heart rate, excessive reaction to discussing the event. But they also evaluate more private episodes such as discussing nightmares, exploring intense memories, and that self-blame.

Do People Get PTSD From Car Wrecks?

Absolutely people get PTSD from car wrecks. Not many people can imagine walking away from a wreck, but what happens when you walk away, and someone else doesn’t? Survivor’s guilt plays a large role in PTSD and other trauma disorders. It’s difficult for many people to move forward, and it’s often that people don’t witness or experience that type of trauma first hand.

Most people in modern times that are in generally comfortable lives can’t comfortably handle what first responders see and experience every day. The trauma that happens with vehicle, motorcycle, and truck accidents is so severe, but people will often not understand the gravity of the situation until they receive their PTSD diagnosis.

Can You Get Compensation for Your PTSD With an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney?

PTSD is a real and very serious mental health issue. Unfortunately, many car insurance companies will fight PTSD claims even if you have a diagnosis and have received medical therapy or treatment for the disorder. What you need is a local Atlanta attorney on your side to support your claim.

To start your claim, you should speak with an Atlanta personal injury attorney who will understand that your PTSD diagnosis needs to be on your initial demand letter. At John B. Jackson our attorneys will always consider the mental effects of a car accident to help determine what compensation you need to recover from this wreck financially. Schedule your consultation with our Atlanta office at the Law Offices of John B Jackson today.