Victims of Rear-End Collisions Often Overlooked

Basically, anyone has been behind the wheel for a few years has encountered some type of rear-end crash, right? Not quite. Rear-end wrecks are the most common form of auto accidents. Because of that, they are often overlooked, and injuries experienced in rear-end collisions are downplayed. A recent rear-end crash left you injured, or worse resulted in a fatality, then you may have to fight for people to understand the full scale of your accident.

All too often, when people hear that the crash was a rear-end Collision, it gets brushed off. Even insurance companies are guilty of this. They look at the evidence in the crash, surmise that the person in the rear of the accident is at fault, and kind of compensation check for much less than the victim needs or deserves. Don’t get trapped in the rut of being a victim of a rear end collision twice over. Contact our Atlanta car accident attorneys today.

It’s Such a Common Event

Each year there are over 1.7 million accounts of rear-end collisions. That is not including the rear-end collisions that are such minor people aren’t required to report them to the Department of Transportation or their insurance providers. This figure applies on a national scale, so the number relevant to Georgia is significantly smaller.

Still, Still, rear end collisions are a very common event. That doesn’t make them any less serious. Because we’re in collisions are so common, drivers act as though it doesn’t matter if they take preventative measures to avoid a rear-end collision or not.

“Rear-End Crashes Don’t Come with Fatalities.”

One of the biggest lies in regard to car accidents, is that rear end collision don’t come with fatalities. In fact, earlier this month through Middle Georgia, one person was killed as part of a four-vehicle crash that started with a simple rear-end collision. But that doesn’t stop this bit of misinformation from circulating. Many teenagers learning to drive are taught that rear end collisions are the easiest to deal with, and often come with the fewest injuries. Many are taught throughout their driving career that rear end crashes are really no big deal, and the risk of a fatality in rear-end Collision isn’t significant.

The insurance information Institute identified in 2017 that they were over 2000 rear end collisions that resulted in fatalities. They also determined that rear end fatalities made up about 7.2% of all motor vehicle fatalities. To compare that, head-on collisions made up 10.1% of all motor vehicle fatalities.

It is evident that rear end collisions often come with fatal accidents, and make up a much larger portion of injuries and fatalities than people are led to believe.

Rear-Ending a Truck or Trailer

What is the most dangerous situation is a rear end accident involving a truck or a trailer. Getting into an auto wreck with a truck or trailer can be deadly. If a standard vehicle hit the truck or trailer from behind, it’s not often that the car makes it through the accident. Typically these crashes leave drivers and passengers with substantial injuries, and they often result in fatalities as well.

Setting Your Claim Up for Success

If you’re the victim of it any variety of a rear end collision situations, then you need to start taking steps at the crash scene to secure your claim. Insurance companies are working away from giving complete fault to the rear driver without question. Now, they’re looking at speeding, distraction, and other factors that may attribute partial fault to the victim who was hit.

Taking detailed photos, and asking any witnesses to stop for a statement, can dramatically change the outcome of your claim.

Entering a Claim with an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

After any crash, you should always put some serious consideration into hiring in Atlanta car accident attorney. Most of the time, people believe they can completely resolve rear-end collisions on their own. If you have to go through this process on your own, you may be unprepared to handle the tough process of negotiating with an insurance company. You may struggle to get all of your evidence seen and properly reviewed. But finally, you may feel pressured to accept a compensation check for much less than you need to cover your medical costs, not to mention your property damage.

Don’t get hassled by an insurance company that should have protected you. Get help from the law offices of John B Jackson and learn how the insurance process should take place, and what the insurance providers should be doing for you.