Crashes with Unexpected Vehicles: Golf Cars, Motorized Go-Carts, and More

Vehicles coined as low-speed vehicles can be operated by young teenagers, and typically you’ll find someone without a driver’s license behind-the-wheel. Golf carts, go-karts, mopeds, motorized scooters, and more are frequently responsible for a high-volume of accidents and injuries.

These vehicles don’t just crash into each other, which would result in mild injuries and moderate damage. Instead, these unexpected vehicles are often involved in car accidents. Driving golf carts or motorized scooters on the street has resulted in a high volume of fatalities and serious injuries. Most drivers don’t know how to respond to seeing these low-speed vehicles on the street, and many can’t adapt quickly enough to avoid an accident. If you’re involved in one of these wrecks, you should contact our Atlanta car accident attorneys right away.

Golf Car Accidents and Injuries

From 1990 to 2006, the national electronic injury surveillance assistant gathered data on golf cart-related injuries. They found that from year to year, golf cart-related injuries increased steadily, there was a total increase of 132% over the 17 years. Of all the golf cart injuries, nearly 8% required hospitalization.

Injuries with golf cart accidents often happen from hitting a fixed object, or being struck by a vehicle. When a golf cart hits a fix object, the cart itself may overturn and result in severe injury or soft tissue injury to the driver and passengers. When a golf cart is struck by a vehicle you can expect that the damages will be far more severe.

Golf carts offer virtually no protection to the driver and passengers. Many older models don’t even have seatbelts. And even newer models are built with a design that encourages people to stand on the back rather than take a seated position.

Motorized Go-Carts and Carts

Typically motorized go-karts and carts are restricted to a closed track. However, that does not stop people from making their carts or modifying go-karts and using them on the street. The question of whether these are street legal varies depending on the vehicle and the modifications.

With various stay-at-home orders in place, a lot of people began building these at home or buying them from go-kart centers that closed down. We’re seeing a rise in these on the streets, and some people are brazen enough to use them on main roads.

Electric Scooters and MoPeds

A few years back, we saw a surge in electric scooters, and now we’re seeing another rise in mopeds. People are choosing to use electric scooters because it’s a compromise between walking and driving a vehicle. The economic impact is substantially lower than driving a car, and getting around on an electric scooter or moped is a lot faster than walking.

E-scooters are often Zippy, and many people like to weave through traffic as if they’re on a motorcycle. But these low-speed vehicles typically don’t have the power to get through traffic safely. Are they street legal? Usually yes. E-scooters may be restricted to specific areas, or sidewalks even, but many people use the bike lane or the shoulder.

Injuries from Low-Speed Accidents

Common accidents involving low-speed vehicles results in mild Whiplash, soft tissue injury, and similar injuries you would see in low-speed accidents. However, because of the lack of protection offered by these types of vehicles, it’s common for the victims to have broken bones, joint damage, and more.

In fact, the damages involved from injuries in low-speed accidents with these types of open Vehicles can result in amputation, extreme limb damage, internal injury, and deep lacerations or cuts. While the common assumption is that golf cart accidents and accidents involving Scooters or mopeds are not serious, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Will an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Help with Your Case?

Low-speed vehicles and they’re involved in an accident can drastically change the insurance process. If you were in a low-speed vehicle and were struck by a car, then you would file a car accident claim, and get help from a local Atlanta car accident attorney. However, if the crash happened with another low-speed vehicle, or property, or another element, you may need to file through specialized insurance.

The best approach to determine where to start, is to contact the law offices of John B Jackson. I don’t know. A law office will help you pick apart the situation and determine if you’re going to need to file a car accident claim or a different type of personal injury claim. Because your accident did involve a motorized vehicle, then it’s likely that you do need to file a claim of some form.