How a Work Auto Accident Affects Your Insurance in Carrollton

Usually, if a person suffers damages after a car accident, they can file a personal injury claim against the person at fault or their insurance. However, when the crash happens while working, the process is a little different. This is why most employees wonder how a car accident when working affects their insurance in Carrollton. That’s where the workers’ compensation lawyers in Carrollton enter into the picture.

In this article, the attorneys at the Law Office of John B. Jackson will explain how a car accident during work hours affects your insurance in Carrollton. We will also explore how you can handle a workers’ compensation claim in different scenarios.

What To Do When an Accident Happens in the Company’s Vehicle

If the accident happens while driving a company’s vehicle and you’re at fault, then the damages should be covered by your employee’s insurance policy. This is often known as vicarious liability. It means that the employer is liable for the negligent actions of their employees.

In such a scenario, the victim can choose to sue your employer instead of you. Vicarious liability insurance protects employees from getting involved in lawsuits. Most businesses in Carrollton already have this insurance in place.

The same applies when you’re injured while driving the company’s vehicle, you can file for a workers’ compensation claim. In the case of an accident, while you’re on the clock, the employer should report the incident to their insurance company. Then, the insurance company pays you the compensation for damages incurred during the accident.

When Will Your Insurance Apply?

There are some scenarios where the employer doesn’t have to pay for damages you incur. For example, if you stop in the middle of work duties to run personal errands, your insurance policy would be liable for damages. Even if the accident occurs in the company’s parking lot, you still have to prove you were performing work duties.

If you were acting outside the scope of your employment or already off the clock, the employer’s insurance policy will not pay for damages incurred. This rule also stands if you were acting recklessly and violating company rules when the accident occurred. Furthermore, the employer’s insurance policy will pay if they fail to train the employees properly.

The law in Carrollton is that every employer must implement a workers’ compensation policy if they have more than three employees. If you suffered an accident in the workplace and your employer insists that you’re responsible for the damages during work hours and while performing work duties, you need a workers’ comp lawyer. A professional lawyer will help you sort the details out and ensure the claim aligns with the law.

What Does Your Workers’ Compensation Claim in Carrollton Cover?

In most incidents in the workplace, the workers’ comp policy covers the damages. The workers’ compensation insurance in Carrollton ensures injured employees receive compensation to ensure financial recovery. This insurance protects injured employees and ensures they’re duly compensated for damages.

In Carrollton, workers’ compensation usually covers your present and future medical bills. It also ensures coverage of prescription and physical therapy when necessary. Most times, it makes up for lost pay, but it doesn’t pay non-economic damages like pain and suffering. If you also have a temporary or total disability, you could receive benefits for them. You can also ensure your workers’ compensation covers travel expenses to see a doctor.

Workers’ compensation claims in Carrollton can be challenging. If you ever suffer a workplace injury and you’re clueless about how to proceed, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you review the details. Your lawyer ensures that the compensation you receive covers all damages and provides quick financial recovery.

Statute of Limitations on Claims

In Carrollton, you have to file a worker’s compensation claim within a year of the accident. Workers’ compensation is quite different from other claims that feature a two years statute of limitation. That’s why there’s a need to file your workers’ comp claim in time so you can receive the benefits you deserve. To ensure you’re ready to file a claim and prepare against opposition from the insurance company, you should work with legal experts who understand the laws in Carrollton.

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