Building Your Personal Injury Claim with a Fulton County Auto Accident Attorney

Anyone who has ever been in an auto accident, or has lost someone to an auto accident, knows how dangerous and stressful of a situation this can be. It can be very difficult to remain calm and to keep track of everything that you should be doing to ensure that your right to pursue compensation for your losses is protected. For example, many people make the mistake of apologizing afterward, even when they were in no way at fault, not realizing that this could harm their future claim for damages. For the most part, people know that they are supposed to exchange information with the other driver, but your ability to build your case, right from the beginning, does not stop there.

In fact, you can do many things immediately after the accident to ensure that there is evidence and justification for your Douglasville auto accident injury claim. Naturally, the first priority is to ensure that everyone is safe and well and not in need urgent medical care. If someone does need urgent medical care, then you need to contact 911 right away and render aid where possible. Even if all injuries seem minor, you should still contact the police and file a police report. You also need to stay at the scene until the police arrive. For many, this brief waiting period is a prime opportunity to take photographs of the vehicles, the damage, the surroundings and weather conditions, and the injuries.  These photos can then be used as evidence of those damages and injuries at a later date.

You should also exchange information with the other driver, but this can go beyond auto insurance details. You can also write down their tag number, a description of the vehicle and the driver, and any other pertinent information associated with the accident and the resulting damage. At the same time, you should also obtain the contact information of any eye witnesses. After a police report is filed, you can get a copy of it as additional evidence in your Fulton County auto accident claim.

If you are offered a ride in an ambulance to the ER, you should accept this. If your injuries are not severe enough for an ambulance, you should still seek a full medical evaluation as soon as possible. Some injuries may not present symptoms right away, common among them are back and neck pain. You can expect to get a call from the insurance company of the at fault driver, but you should not speak to them without first discussing your claim with your auto accident attorney. This is just one reason why it is so important to seek a free consultation of your auto accident injury claim as soon as you can.

How Much Is Your Douglasville Auto Accident Claim Worth?

It can be a very complicated process to determine the exact value of your personal injury claim. This can be especially difficult without the guidance of a Fulton County auto accident attorney. Your lawyer will be able to gather evidence and evaluate that evidence to calculate the approximate value of your claim, though your final compensation amount will be worked out through the settlement negotiation process, or at trial if your case cannot be settled out of court.

Ultimately, the value of your Douglasville auto accident claim is going to be determined by various different factors. To start with, we’ll look at the expenses associated with your medical treatment. The extent of your treatment and your current and future medical bills and estimates will factor into the final value of the auto accident claim. Beyond your treatment expenses, we’ll look at the value of your property damage, which will take into consideration your vehicle repairs, whether the vehicle was totaled in the accident, and the pre-accident value of that vehicle. Next, we address the potential value of your pain and suffering, which can be more difficult to calculate. An attorney will work to maximize the value of your claim and negotiate for a fair settlement arrangement that covers all these concerns.

Seek a Free Consultation with a Fulton County Auto Accident Lawyer

To get the maximum compensation for your Douglasville auto accident claim, the best thing you can do is to seek the advice of a dedicated auto accident attorney in Fulton County. The attorneys at John B. Jackson & Associates are happy to provide a free consultation and discuss the details of your claim that are unique to your particular accident, injuries, and damages. We will evaluate your case and guide you in the right direction towards pursuing fair compensation. If we take your case, we will work on a contingency fee agreement, in which we don’t get paid unless you receive compensation.

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