Dangers of Party Buses and Limo Services

With things finally reopening and summer fun heading its peak, it seems as though you see more party buses and limos out on the freeways than before. These types of services often cater to celebration events that have been put off for months now. People are cashing in on Limo rentals and party bus rentals that they had arranged for 2020 prom back in the fall or winter of 2019. Unfortunately, many unexpected accidents happen on both party buses and limos.

Usually, accidents that involve these vehicles are as strange as they are dangerous. Serious injuries, deaths, and more all encompassed the dangers of party buses and limos. We have possible, think twice before getting on one of these services, but while you’re an average driver out on the road, be particularly careful around these vehicles. If you’re involved in a wreck in a party bus or limo, contact our Georgia car accident attorneys today.

Vehicle Conversion and Road Safety

Party buses aren’t born or even really made. They are usually converted from standard or abandoned buses. School buses and city buses that are no longer fit for government use are put up for option, and exotic or limo service companies buy them and convert them over into party buses. In fact, a wide range of accidents involving party buses happens exclusively due to the structural changes to the bus during the conversion.

One well-known crash involving the death of a new mother attending a bachelorette party in Kansas City was due to the removal of several vehicle safety features. The company, although licensed, had avoided safety inspections. It was later found that their entire fleet had a wide array of safety issues that could have quickly turned deadly as well.

Distractions and Outright Violations

Distractions happen to everyone, and it’s no exception for professional drivers. The deadliest crash in the recent decade involved a limousine carrying multiple couples, which resulted in the death of 21 people. The Ford excursion limousine was on state route 30 in New York and failed to stop at an intersection. It struck a vehicle, and all of the 18 limo passengers as well as the driver died at the scene, two pedestrians died as a result of the crash as well.

These drivers often have the welfare of their passengers to consider, and those passengers certainly aren’t contributing to safety. While everyone else on the road has to avoid the use or even presence of alcohol in the vehicle, limousine and party buses are both well known for open bottles among passengers. This has led to the distraction of many drivers and resulted in many accidents.

Unlicensed Organizations

Is it really so shocking to learn that a variety of party bus and limo services operate without the proper licensure or insurance coverage? While there are many upstanding services across the state, there are a wide variety of limo and party bus businesses that operate illegally. There are extreme risks that come with being in a crash with an improperly licensed business.

There have been many situations where the driver is inappropriately licensed or does not have the appropriate qualifications to work as a professional driver. That does not inherently mean that the business itself is not licensed or fit to act as a professional driving service. If you are involved with a crash involving a professional driver, or a party bus or limo service, you may need to do a bit of investigative work to determine if the driver and the business were legally permitted to conduct business.

There’s also the matter of insurance. While companies with vehicles need to have specific insurance minimums in place, they may also need to carry additional liability insurance. That additional liability insurance may give victims of the accident more opportunity to recover full compensation.

Contact Local Accident Attorneys at John B Jackson

If you were hit by or involved in any type of crash with a party bus, limo, or professional driving service, contact a local accident attorney. Local Texas accident attorneys often call attention to the needs of the victims rather than letting insurance providers and high strung corporations lead the way on closing out the crash investigation. As a victim, you not only experience injuries, but financial trauma, non-economical trauma, and it may be challenging for you to get back on the road.

Don’t let your needs go unnoticed or unaddressed. Or work with a proficient and friendly Texas accident attorney at John B Jackson. At John B Jackson law offices, we’ve had our emphasis on listening to your needs and determining how to best approach your claim. That may mean settling through negotiations or taking the case to court.