What You Should Do After a Wrong Way Car Accident in Atlanta, GA

Driving the wrong way is one the most lethal causes of traffic accidents in the U.S. A head-on collision with a vehicle coming from the opposing direction is likely to cause serious injuries and even death. It is a horrible scenario to experience, and anyone who manages to survive an accident like this should seek the help of a wrong way car accident in Atlanta attorney to claim the compensation she deserves for having her life harshly disrupted.

Why You Might Need a Lawyer to Help You with a Wrong Way Car Accident in Atlanta, GA

A victim of a wrong way car accident in Atlanta is entitled to compensation for the injuries and losses incurred. The state of Georgia is an “at-fault” state, which means that the party proved to be more at fault for the traffic accident can be required to pay compensation for the damages sustained, including personal injury and property damage. Gathering evidence and figuring out the amount of compensation that is adequate to the losses can be a fairly challenging process, which is why the help of a wrong way accident lawyer is often crucial.

Why Wrong Way Car Accidents Are Frequent and Highly Dangerous

The most obvious cause of wrong-way driving is impairment due to alcohol or drugs. Other causes include overgrown vegetation that makes the road impassable, low visibility, talking on the phone or texting while driving, missing a turn or exit and making an unsafe or illegal U-turn, etc.

Sometimes the lack of signage in the streets can lead a driver to take the wrong way without realizing it. At other times, an irresponsible driver may deem it worthwhile to drive the wrong way in an alleyway in order to avoid a traffic jam. Whether the responsibility lies with the government or driver, wrong way driving is frequent, and you can expect to run into this kind of situations while driving in Atlanta. Sometimes the causes combine at the same time, resulting in a catastrophic traffic accident involving multiple vehicles. The brutality of the collision is increased when one of the vehicles is bigger than the average car, like buses and trucks.

The causes of wrong-way driving vary, but the consequences are similar in gravity. Injuries include lacerations, broken bones, damaged organs, internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries and more. Even if the victim survives, she will probably have to undergo a long period of rehabilitation before she can resume a normal life. Moreover, not being able to work during recovery results in lost wages and compromised careers. This is especially concerning when the victim is the person providing the livelihood of her family.

How You Can Reduce the Chances of Getting into a Wrong Way Car Accident in Atlanta

Safe driving requires permanent alertness. Always survey the road ahead and stay on the lookout for irregular behavior by drivers coming from the opposite direction. Flash your high beams and honk your horn if necessary to warn drivers with suspicious behavior. Also, staying in the right lane can somewhat reduce the chances of a traffic collision, since a wrong way driver is more likely to drift into the left lane.

Try to limit driving at night as much as possible, since instances of wrong-way driving increase significantly after dusk. This is doubly true during weekends where a good portion of drivers tends to be drunk. If you spot a wrong way driver and manage to stay away from her, you should pull off and call 911 because that person constitutes a grave danger to herself and everyone around her.

Reports from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) indicate that every year, 300 to 400 US citizens are killed in wrong-way car accidents. The government has taken measures to combat wrong-way driving, such as installing thermal-detection systems, lowering the height of wrong way signs and education campaigns. That said, you need to stay cautious at all times and never take the risk of driving the wrong way.

Call the Law Office of John B Jackson if You Have Been Involved in a Wrong Way Car Accident

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident caused by a driver taking the wrong way, call us today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options and start building a case. Getting adequate compensation for car accident injuries can be a complex process, and the assistance of a wrong way driving lawyer will help you obtain a settlement appropriate for the damage sustained.