Can I File a Workers Compensation Lawsuit Against My Atlanta, Georgia Employer?

In most cases, when a worker is injured while on the job in Atlanta, Georgia, they are covered by workers compensation, and in the most complicated cases, a workers compensation lawyer in Atlanta helps to appeal a denied claim. In general, employers in Georgia are required to have workers compensation insurance, so any injured worker will have to seek workers comp benefits rather than suing the employer. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. A workers compensation lawsuit in Atlanta, Georgia is a rare thing, but in certain circumstances it may be a possibility.  

Often, those who have workers comp injuries are disappointed to learn that they cannot sue their employer directly, but our workers comp attorneys here at the law offices of John B. Jackson strive to diligently pursue any and all potential avenues to recovery.

Workers Comp Claims for Injuries Are Usually the Exclusive Remedy

Workers compensation insurance is usually the “exclusive remedy,” or only option against an employer for injuries sustained on the job. However, this can be good news. There are advantages to workers compensation benefits vs. filing a lawsuit directly against your employer.  You do not, for instance, need to establish negligence or fault on the part of your employer, as you would in a lawsuit, for instance. Workers comp injuries are covered by a no-fault insurance coverage covering your medical bills, some lost wages, disability compensation, and other benefits which may vary depending upon your circumstances.

Filing a Third Party Workers Compensation Lawsuit in a Workers Comp Case

One of the advantages of a workers compensation lawsuit is the amount of compensation available, as compared to the comparatively limited scope of workers comp benefits. As an injured employee, the workers compensation laws in the state of Georgia prevent you from suing your employer directly for a work related injury — however, this does not imply that you cannot pursue legal action against third parties for your injuries, seeking damages beyond your workers comp benefits.  

One of the ways that the workers compensation attorneys here at the Law Offices of John B. Jackson have earned our reputation is by consistently exploring every possible path to compensation, and sometimes this includes the possibility of filing a third party workers compensation lawsuit in a workers compensation case. If you were injured on the job by a piece of equipment or heavy machinery that proves to be defective or dangerous, then the manufacturer of that piece of equipment may be found to be liable for your injuries as well. These lawsuits occur outside the realm of workers compensation, and so they are not workers comp lawsuits in the strict sense — in actuality, their are just personal injury lawsuits — but when they exist alongside your workers compensation injury claim, they can provide much-needed compensation for you and your family.

The Law Offices of John B. Jackson Are Ready to Advocate for Injured Workers in Atlanta, Georgia

Because the workers compensation laws in Georgia exist to protect employees who are injured, most people injured on the job will be eligible for workers compensation benefits in Atlanta, GA. Nearly every employer has workers compensation insurance, so if you are injured at work, don’t delay seeing a doctor or filing a claim. Never let the potential cost of an ER visit keep you from seeking medical treatment for a workplace injury. In fact, refusing to see a doctor, or delaying your doctor’s visit can provide a reason for your workers compensation claim to be denied (not to mention potentially putting your health at risk.  

If you have been injured while on the job in Atlanta Georgia, there is no need to delay seeking a workers compensation claim. Don’t wait until your claim is denied to speak to workers compensation lawyer in Georgia. You can speak to a workers comp attorney in Atlanta, GA for free, with no obligation, and we will examine your case and advise you as to how strong it is, potential difficulties, and the best route to maximum compensation.  If there is the possibility of a third party workers comp lawsuit, we will advise you of that possibility as well.

Those who may be concerned with the costs involved in paying a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, don’t be. According to Georgia state law, the amount of money that a workers comp lawyer is permitted to charge is limited according to the amount of your benefits. Rest assured, if you have been injured while at work, you most likely have a valid workers compensation claim, and you can afford a workers compensation lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of John B. Jackson for a free consultation today, and let us help you.