Motorcycle Maneuvers and Obstacles that are a Danger to Riders and Drivers

Motorcyclists are often at risk for crashes with other drivers and are more susceptible to serious injury. But there are many road hazards that are dangerous for motorcyclists and drivers. Drivers may be prone to bike blindness, but they certainly aren’t immune to traffic tragedies. Whether you’re a motorcycle rider or a driver, you should be very aware of these common dangers to motorcyclists as they often cause accidents that result in severe injuries for everyone involved.

Hitting a rider is a traumatic experience, and being hit by a rider is often unexpected and just as devastating. People severely underestimate the risks and dangers of a motorcyclist getting into an accident on the road. It’s possible that a motorcyclist falling or sustaining injuries on the road can lead to multiple other “chain reaction” car accidents. If you’re involved in a wreck, you should contact our Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys right away.

Unsafe Lane Splitting

By and large, lane splitting is often safer for motorcyclists than to remain in the center of a lane. The American motorcyclist Association And she to report that found that motorcyclists who were in congested traffic were often safer when lane splitting so long as they didn’t exceed the speed of nearby vehicles by 15 mph or more.

Unsafe Lane splitting is a particular issue in high-speed traffic, however. What drivers most commonly see and complain about is the sporty street bikes that whiz through highway traffic at speeds nearing or exceeding 100 mph. This is extremely unsafe, and it’s unsafe and not only for the motorcycle rider but for the nearby vehicles.

Lane splitting can be a safe riding technique that benefits writers and motorists by reducing traffic congestion. However, when these motorcyclists are traveling at high speed, they are unable to respond to changing traffic conditions and can result in Severe and traumatic accidents on the roadway.

Hitting Gravel

Gravel is an issue that most motorists never have to give any concern to. In fact, most standard vehicle drivers will only experience a challenge with gravel if they’re stuck on the side of a dirt road and can’t get their car moving. Gravel for motorcyclists is a substantial challenge that almost always results in the bike going down. Gravel, on a turn, in particular, is a challenge.

With years of experience and practice, riders can develop techniques to handle unexpected gravel on roads. Most, however, will give in to the initial shock and panic and overreact to gravel on the roadway. This can cause the bike to go down, the brighter to hit the road, and all the motorists in the area to panic as well.

It’s more common than people think. You’re driving down the freeway or a well-traveled road, and all of a sudden, a motorcyclist in front of you goes down. Even if you were giving him more than enough space to stop in time, your reaction might be to change lanes or to panic.

Road Debris

Road debris is a huge risk for everyone in a vehicle, but for motorcyclists, road debris can be especially dangerous. In a standard vehicle, you can run over something like a wrench or a chain and probably drive over it without any damage. On a motorcycle, that chain may bring the bike down, or that wrench left on the roadway from a construction crew might destroy the entire underside of the bike resulting in a crash.

Cars are even known to run over huge debris such as mattresses is and come out generally okay. These are not things that motorcyclists can get away with, and a motorcyclist having an accident because of road debris will often cause accidents between standard vehicles behind them who witnessed the initial crash.

What To Do After You’re Injured – Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Georgia

A car accident lawyer can help you sort out what to do when a rider is responsible for your crash and your injuries. It might seem unconventional, but if they were responsible for the crash, the damage, and your injuries, then you should still take legal action to cover your losses. Motorcyclists have to learn how to anticipate and respond to the road dangers listed here, and you may have seen the upcoming crash and been unable to do anything about it.

Contacting John B. Jackson could be the first meaningful step you have the choice to take after a wreck. The motorcyclist may have hit you from behind, head-on, or even from the side, causing an unexpected turn of events.