Essential Bicycle Laws To Follow in Carrollton

Riding a bicycle on Carrollton’s roads is such a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, your adventure can be short-lived with a collision with another vehicle. In such cases, if the other automobile is at fault in the crash, they’ll pay you compensation for your injuries. Your Carrollton personal injury lawyer will let you in on how that works.

In a bicycle-car crash, the bicyclist is usually the worst hit. From traumatic brain injuries to facial fractures, whiplashes, etc., bicycle accident injuries can be severe. In some cases, the bicycle crash becomes fatal. According to the United States Department of Transportation, 846 bicyclists died in traffic accidents in 2019.

While some accidents may not be your fault, you can limit your risks of sustaining serious injuries. All you need to do is practice bicycle safety by obeying the relevant laws that apply to you. The “Three Feet Law” is an important bicycle safety law for drivers, but there are also rules for bicyclists. We’ll discuss them in this article.

What’s Georgia’s “Three Feet Law?”

Originally, Georgia’s Three Feet Law mandated drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing them. However, there have been some amendments to this law. Effective July 2021, drivers must change lanes when passing a cycle if traffic conditions allow it. If they have to pass on a double yellow line to change lanes, they can do so if it’s safe.

The modified law also provides conditions when it’s impossible to change lanes safely. The driver must slow down to 25 miles per hour in such a case.  Alternatively, they must drive 10 miles below the posted speed limit if greater than 25 miles per hour. Note that the drivers must still observe the three feet of clearance rule.

The law makes it a misdemeanor to violate this updated rule. Offenders are at risk of paying as much as $250 in fines.

Other Essential Bicycle Safety Laws and Best Practices That Carrollton Bicyclists Must Obey

Generally, Carrollton bicyclists are subject to the same traffic laws as other vehicles on the road. That’s except where the general traffic rules conflict with specific laws. In that case, they must obey the latter.

Here are the most important bicycle laws to learn in Carrollton:

  • Where to Ride

Bicyclists must ride to the farthest right of the roadway as they can go, except when they’re overtaking a vehicle. They may also violate this rule when avoiding road hazards, riding in a substandard width lane or when it’s unsafe.

Again, bicyclists must ride in bicycle lanes whenever a local ordinance allows it. Wherever they are, they must not ride against the traffic flow. Lastly, cyclists above 12 years old mustn’t ride on sidewalks unless there’s a local ordinance to that effect.

  • How to Ride

More than two bicycles mustn’t ride together while facing the same direction except on a roadway that’s exclusively for bicyclists. They mustn’t run red lights and must signal with their hands when turning or coming to a halt.

Bicyclists aren’t allowed to ride on the bicycle’s handlebars. They shouldn’t carry under four-year-olds unless they’re on recommended child bicycle seats, infant slings, or bicycle trailers for their age.

  • Helmet and Equipment Rules

All under-sixteen-year-olds must wear proper helmets when riding a bicycle in Carrollton. Such helmets must meet the minimum American National Standards Institute’s criteria. Lastly, all Carrollton bicyclists must ride bicycles with brakes that can make braked wheel skids on dry and level road surfaces.

  • Prohibitions

Bicyclists mustn’t hold on to motor vehicles when riding. They mustn’t ride with more passengers than recommended. Bicyclists mustn’t drink and ride. Carrollton’s laws prohibit riding with no hands on the handlebars.

  • Best Practices

Ride a cycle that suits your age, height, and general body build. Ensure that your bicycle works well before taking it out on the roads. Wear bright and reflective clothing when riding at night. Continuously improve your riding skills at every opportunity.

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Bicyclists face a high risk of dying in a traffic crash with a bigger vehicle. As such, if you own one, you must keep safe by adhering to Carrollton’s road safety laws. If someone else caused your accident, you could claim damages from them.

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