Road Repairs Lead to Further Frustrations and Crashes

No doubt, you probably had your own frustrations that come with construction areas, Road repairs, and poor road conditions. For cities, it’s a double-edged sword. Roads can deteriorate quickly, and if they are not properly maintained or repaired, then they can cause accidents and driver frustration. However, when schedule road maintenance and road repairs go into effect, then drivers are frustrated at the low-speed limits and the reduced number of lanes. Not to mention that studies often get some pressure from local businesses that may be affected by closing off certain areas of a road.

Road repairs are necessary. Without a doubt, poor road conditions cause accidents. Additionally, because of driver frustration and a disregard for safety practices through construction areas, road repairs can also lead to accidents. Contact our Atlanta car accident attorneys today.

How Long-Term Construction Affects the Driver Mentality

How often have you driven through the exact same construction area? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Maybe an area you drive through on your morning commute always has the speed limit reduced to 25 miles an hour, has tape and other elements of construction out in the open, but Crews never seem to be at work. This is a very common situation. Now, road crews do work at strange hours, and most of the time, if traffic is going to be heavy, they pull their people off the site.

The result is that drivers are frustrated in believing that there’s not actual ongoing construction for the area. They may see that one particular lane is closed for days or weeks at a time. The result is road rage and driver frustration.

But, is road rage and driver frustration really something to care about? Yes. Road rage and driver frustration are not too simple matters that result in low damage rear-end collisions or the occasional fender-bender. AAA found that over a seven-year period, there were over 200 intentional murders and over 12,000 intentional injuries as a result of road rage.

Additionally, the NHTSA identified that 94% of traffic collisions are a result of driver behavior. 33% of traffic collisions linked directly to behaviors associated with driver frustration, including road rage, illegal maneuvers, in attempting to predict the intent of another driver.

Accidents Caused by Poor Road Conditions

From potholes to poorly-planned gutter systems, poor road conditions result in a massive amount of accidents. Road conditions can also cause vehicle damage that some people may not be able to seek compensation through their insurance providers, depending on their policy.

If you’re in an accident that was evidently caused because of poor road conditions, you may need to take your claim to the city. The city of Douglasville makes process complaints about poor road conditions if you can prove that it was the road condition that caused the accident, and the issue was unavoidable.

Assess Your Damages from Road Construction Related Accidents

Many people don’t realize that they should get a full valuation of Damages before they accept anything from their car insurance provider. Car insurance providers use an appraiser to value the damage of a vehicle and place a sticker value on the vehicle and its current condition. That doesn’t mean that it accurately reflects the damage done.

Before accepting any compensation check from an insurance provider, make sure that you know exactly how much it could cost to repair your vehicle or replace it. Additionally, ensure that you know the full outstanding balance for any medical debt. Medical bills that stem from your accident should not come out of your pocket. But, insurance companies will often negotiate with medical network providers to bring down medical costs. It is possible that your insurance provider will help bring down your outstanding medical bills, but you should know exactly what the medical network is claiming you owe now.

Douglassville Car Accident Lawyers are Here to Help

Douglasville car accident attorneys are available to help you sort out exactly what caused your accident, and how to resolve it. You may have been hit by someone in the throes of road rage, upset by the changes in road conditions and the presence of a construction crew. Or, your accident may have resulted from an extraordinarily deep pothole that sent one vehicle careening into yours.

Despite what insurance providers argue, road conditions do play a critical role in accidents. Working with a local Douglasville car accident attorney at John B Jackson can help you direct your claim. Using hard evidence, witness statements, and proof of the road conditions, you can lay out exactly how the road conditions and the drivers involved resulted in your crash and injuries.