What Are the Most Dangerous Dogs in Douglasville?

Dogs are man’s best friends, as we say. However, dangerous dogs do exist, especially when their owners breed them poorly or mistreat them. As such, they may pose a threat to adults and children alike and cause devastating injuries in an attack. Fortunately, as a dog bite victim, you can get compensation for your injuries through a Douglasville dog bite lawyer‘s help.

According to statistics, more than 4.5 million people are dog bite victims in the US every year. About 800,000 people receive medical care for dog bites, and one in 5 dog bite victims require medical attention. In addition, more than half of the dog bite victims are children, mostly bitten while interacting with familiar dogs.

Given the reports above, everyone must be careful around dogs and protect children from them. That’s especially when the dogs have a reputation for being inherently dangerous based on their training and socialization. We’ll discuss the top most dangerous dogs in Douglasville in this article.

What Makes a Dog Dangerous and Vicious? 

According to Georgia’s dangerous dog law, a dangerous dog inflicts severe injuries on a person without provocation. It’s also a potentially dangerous dog if it aggressively attacks or endangers human safety after the owner’s knowledge of its classification. A dog that kills a pet animal outside its owner’s property is also dangerous.

Meanwhile, a potentially dangerous dog is one that bites a human being without provocation at any time after March 31, 1989. The law describes a vicious dog as one that inflicts serious injury on persons reasonably trying to escape its attack. Dogs that train for law enforcement or military duties cannot be classified as dangerous or vicious dogs.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in Douglasville 

These are the most dangerous dogs you can find in Douglasville:

  • Pit Bulls 

Pits bulls have a reputation as the most dangerous dog breeds in the United States. Their dangerous propensities may be related to the fact that they’re all muscular and are “fighting dogs.”

  • Rottweilers 

Rottweilers are extremely protective dogs and can be particularly hostile to outsiders. As a result, they’re one of the most dangerous dogs in Douglasville, Georgia.

  • German Shepherd 

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent but dangerous dog breeds ever. Unfortunately, they also have one of the most powerful bites.

  • Doberman Pinschers 

Doberman pinschers are agile, sleek, and smart dogs. However, they can also be aggressive and made excellent guard dogs in the old days.

  • Chow Chow

Chows have a bad reputation for their aggressive and anti-social personality traits. They’re particularly aggressive towards other dogs and stubborn too.

  • Presa Canarios 

This breed of dog is some of the most dangerous in Douglasville. They’re very alert and aggressive.

  • Wolf Hybrids 

Wolf hybrids are a result of crossbreeding a gray wolf and a dog. As such, they are part wolves and part dogs. As a result, they can be aggressive and difficult to control.

  • Dogo Argentino 

This dangerous dog breed is muscular and aggressive. Dog experts say that they will fight to the death if necessary.

  • The Saint Bernard 

This dog breed can be gentle, loving, and friendly. However, they’re large dogs with strong protective instincts.

  • The Bull Terrier 

Like pit bulls, the bull terrier is an extremely muscular breed. However, they are a tough and strong breed that is dangerous to other animals and human beings.

What Happens When a Dangerous Dog Attacks Me in Douglasville?

Be sure to take the following steps after a dog bite injury in Douglasville:

  • Seek Medical Care 

Call for medical attention immediately after a dog attacks you. This will limit your risks of life-long disability, health complications, and death. You can also follow recommended self-care tips while you wait for medical aid.

  • File a Police Report 

It’s also essential to report your dog bite incident to the police. The police report may help your compensation claims later on.

  • Talk to a Douglasville Personal Injury Attorney 

An attorney will ensure a seamless compensation claims process for you.

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