Addressing Your Biggest Concerns After a Crash

Most people share the same concerns after a crash. The biggest issues that people ask about include the need for medical treatment, the availability of therapy, what to do about serious or catastrophic injuries, and how to handle their financial recovery. These concerns are reasonable, and regardless of where you’re at in life, they all deserve proper addressing.

Here we’ve covered some of the most common responses to these concerns and covered a bit of information that can help you understand what may apply to your crash. However, it’s worth noting that every Georgia crash is different, and the injuries that come from a collision will always very have nuances that require a professional to evaluate the situation. That professional may be a Georgia car accident attorney, doctor, therapist, or specialized professionals such as financial experts.

Will You Need Medical Attention or Treatment?

In Texas, over 250,000 people were injured as a result of traffic collisions in 2017. The estimation is that every two minutes and four seconds, at least one person is injured while traveling on Texas roads. These stats are alarming, and it leads to the biggest concern that people had after a crash, will you need medical attention.

Of course, this concern doesn’t just stem from a basic worry for personal safety. Aside from personal safety, injuries will often lead to financial loss through a drop in employment, medical bills, and other losses in their life. An injury may mean that the person is unable to drive again, or entirely dependent on medical support through the remainder of their life. Injuries or whether catastrophic or minor will always have an impact on the victim.

Therapy – Physical, Mental, and Vocational

More people are coming to accept that therapy is a critical part of recovering from a car wreck. Therapy can include addressing your mental health with a psychologist or psychiatrist. It can also include physical therapy to help you regain strength and range of motion, and it can also include vocational therapy.

Your medical team should help you determine exactly what types of therapy will come into play as part of your recovery. Doctors will do this by assessing your physical state, and identifying physical therapy is necessary for a full recovery. Your doctors may also help to identify new anxiety disorders or even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder if the crash was traumatic.

Vocational therapy is often an option after someone has experienced a serious or catastrophic injury that will prevent them from returning to their line of work. This can come into play to help someone develop new skills to reenter the workforce in a different capacity. Often people struggle to get full compensation when it comes to vocational therapy, but it may help to showcase that the recovery opportunities are more readily available than your medical team may have initially thought. You may need to fight to include vocational therapy or vocational rehabilitation, but if the wreck ended your career, then it’s worth the effort.

Property Damage Recovery

The minimum property damage insurance requirement in Georgia is $25,000. That should be more than enough to recover all the property damaged during the collision. Of course, there are always some situations, such as having a new car note that can make it seem as though 25,000 is clearly not enough to cover the damages.

Many people struggle for years after a collision because they end up upside down on a car note. Because of how car insurance coverage works and how quickly cars lose their value, it’s likely that even if your car is only two or three months old, you won’t recover full compensation for what you owe on the vehicle if the vehicle is totaled.

Is It Worth Having a Georgia Car Accident Attorney?

Whether it’s worth having a Georgia car crash attorney handle, your case is going to be up to you. Depending on your insurance provider and the specifics of the wreck, you may have a straightforward enough crash that you can handle the insurance claim independently. Additionally, if you have experience working for first hand with the insurance industry, you may know the tricks and schemes they use to avoid payouts.

However, serious injuries, the need for therapy, and catastrophic injuries almost always call for additional professional support. If you have extensive medical bills or are facing near financial ruin because of a crash that someone else caused, then you should talk to a local auto collision attorney. At John B Jackson, we help the victims in Georgia address their crash and pursue fair compensation.