Diminished Value of Georgia Announces Top 5 Vehicles Appraised


Just yesterday and it seems like every week I get a phone call from someone who was involved in accident with no injuries.  The problem that they are having is that the insurance company for the person who hit them is being unresponsive to them, is not allowing a rental car, or is not willing to fix the entire vehicle.  Property damage only cases can be tough because it is hard to find a lawyer willing to take the case on because they are very tough cases on which to make any money.  My advice to these people is to keep trying to work with the insurance company until you get some satisfaction.  Insurance companies take advantage of the fact that lawyers typically stay away from property damage only cases.

Another issue is property damage only cases is the diminished value of your vehicle.  No doubt that anytime a car or truck is involved in an accident that car or truck will lose value.  Typically, however, you do not have an appraisal done right before an accident and right after the vehicle is fixed.  Insurance companies use a formula that really does not take into account reality.  This article discusses the top 5 vehicles for diminished values, which surprisingly are all smaller vehicles.

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