How Poor Car Maintenance Causes Douglasville Car Accidents

Car maintenance is a lot more important than you think. Douglasville car accident lawyers have seen many car accidents caused by negligence. However, many people have a limited understanding of negligence. Some think that negligence is only about over-speeding and disobeying traffic laws. They’re wrong, though. This is because negligence can manifest in many ways. For example, car drivers often neglect their vehicles.

When they don’t properly maintain their cars, they can develop faults. Such faults can then result in severe collisions while driving. So, poor vehicle maintenance may be the cause of your Douglasville crash. In such cases, you need an excellent attorney. This is because proving poor vehicle maintenance is a very complex process.

Dangerous Auto Maintenance Issues

Below are examples of car maintenance issues that can cause car crashes.

Cracked Windshields

A cracked windshield doesn’t look like a serious issue. Therefore, many drivers overlook this problem. However, a cracked windshield can affect a driver’s vision. Consequently, seeing the road may be difficult. Adverse weather conditions can even make this worse. Such terrible conditions would include heavy rains and fogs. The driver’s poor visibility then increases the chances of an accident.

Unreliable Brakes

Brake failure is probably the most dangerous faulty vehicle condition. This is because manufacturers design brakes to save drivers from sudden collisions. If the brakes are bad, the driver endangers themselves and other road users. For example, suppose you hear grinding or screeching sounds when you apply your car brake. This is a sign that your brake is long overdue for servicing.

If you ignore this maintenance issue, your brake could fail soon. Unfortunately, the brake can go bad anytime. Furthermore, leaking brake fluid is a sign of bad brakes. Whatever the case, you should frequently service your car’s brakes. The manufacturer’s manual should define this frequency.

Old or Under-Inflated Tires

Tires are another often neglected vehicle part. This shouldn’t be so because the tires bear the vehicle’s weight and facilitate movement. Therefore, losing your tires while driving could be dangerous. So, it would help if you always drove with fully inflated tires. Properly inflating your tires wouldn’t cost much either.

Furthermore, note the proper pressure for your tires. Then, never exceed this pressure limit. Significantly, too, it’ll help if you don’t drive with old tires. Instead, mark the expiry date of your tires and change them early.

Bad Steering

Steering wheels give vehicles direction. So, a bad wheel can crash a car into an unintended location. You may also find it challenging to keep the vehicle in a straight line. Sometimes, steering issues arise because an axle is out of place. It’s also great that you can sometimes feel steering problems. For example, the top of your steering may vibrate when speeding.

In addition, you can also notice when steering the car becomes difficult. Fortunately, you can quickly fix steering problems through good car maintenance. All you need to do is walk into a good repair shop. Such early repairs can then save you from car crashes.

How to Prove Poor Maintenance Caused Car Accidents

Suppose you survived an accident caused by negligent vehicle maintenance. Here, you’ll need to prove the driver’s negligence. However, establishing poor maintenance is more complex than showing driving negligence. That’s why you’ll need an excellent Douglasville auto accident attorney. Your lawyer would have to examine the car’s state before the collision.

Next, eyewitnesses can tell whether the crash resulted from poor car maintenance. For example, it’d be evident if the driver was struggling with steering or brake issues. Dashcam footage can also give leads as to the accident’s cause. There’s more too. Photographic evidence can come in handy. For instance, pictures of the accident site can point to the accident’s cause.

You could get pictures of a tire blowout. Such a picture can even show the age of the tire. This way, you can know if tire overuse is responsible for the crash. Finally, police reports are always helpful in establishing negligence.

Douglasville Car Accident Lawyers Can Prove Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Have you survived a Douglasville car accident? Do you think the fault party’s car was in bad shape? If you do, then you may be eligible for compensation. First, however, you’d have to prove that the vehicle was faulty. Then, you may also have to establish that the fault driver neglected to fix their car.

This is a heavy responsibility. That’s why you need the best Douglasville car accident attorneys. At the Law Office of John B. Jackson, you can get just the right lawyer. Our firm has extensive experience handling several car accident cases. We’ve also won with different types of evidence. So, we can easily prove car maintenance negligence. Therefore, you should call us today for a FREE consultation.