Why Do I Have Severe Headaches After a Car Wreck in Atlanta, GA?

Headaches after a car wreck are one of the most common physical symptoms observed in accident victims. Some of the most common causes of a post-traumatic headache after a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia include:

  1. Head injuries as a result of the accident that can cause the injured parties to suffer from chronic headaches. A closed head car accident injury can be the underlying cause of these chronic headaches. A closed head injury is one where the injured party’s head is either struck against an object or by it. There is no penetration in the skull, but a primary consequence of such an injury is headaches after a car accident.
  2. Headaches after a car accident can also occur if the victim suffers an open head car accident injury. In such a car accident injury, the object penetrates the skull. This object may be large or small, but the injury is severe enough that the injured party suffers from chronic headaches thereafter.
  1. Another common car wreck injury is whiplash. Whiplash is caused by a severe jerk to the head. Headaches after a car accident are often caused by a whiplash injury, as the muscles and nerves around our neck are negatively affected because of the sudden jerk. The maximum amount of pain is in the neck, but it can often go up to the head.
  2. A very serious car accident injury could involve a fractured skull caused by a severe blow to the head. In case of a fractured head, there is a risk of brain damage. Some major symptoms of a fractured skull include bleeding from ears, nostrils or around the eyes, facial bruising, head bruising, swelling and tenderness. A fractured skull can cause severe headaches after a car accident.
  3. Car accidents can be traumatic and can cause an increase in the victim’s blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause severe headaches. In some cases, these may be treated with over-the-counter drugs, but sometimes, headaches after a car accident can turn dangerous, especially when hypertension is involved.
  4. Concussions are another common car accident injury. Concussions can be the result of a blow to your head which is often the case in a car wreck. Headaches can occur in patients who have suffered a concussion.

Apart from all these causes of headaches, a post-traumatic headache can also occur due to migraines, vascular injury and nerve dysfunction. Sometimes, headaches can also result from overdosing or misusing painkillers.

What Should I Do If I Have a Headache After a Car Wreck in Atlanta, GA?

A post-traumatic headache should not be taken lightly. If headaches after a car accident occur constantly and if the victim’s head was involved in a car accident injury, they should inform their doctor immediately. A doctor may use a CT scan or an MRI to rule any significant damage to the brain or a serious head injury. Diagnostic tests can also help reveal if the prevalence of a post-traumatic headache is due to inflammation, swelling, bleeding, brain injury, injury to blood vessels, or any other reason.

If you are dealing with car accident injury and if a post-traumatic headache is bothering you constantly, you need to consult a healthcare provider so that they can determine the underlying cause of your headaches. You need to seek medical treatment and follow your doctor’s advice. This is extremely important as head injuries can often cause long-term damage to the injured parties.

Consult with a Car Accident Attorney If You Suffer from Headaches After a Car Accident in Atlanta

Recovery from a car accident injury can take time. Dealing with headaches after a car accident and other possible injuries can be tough. There are also financial consequences of dealing with injuries like post-traumatic headaches. You may need to take prescription medication and your doctor may order costly imaging tests so that they can determine the cause of a post-traumatic headache. All of these treatments cost money, but if you are a victim of a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia, the law gives you the right to claim compensation for the financial losses that you may incur due to medical treatment, lost wages and emotional pain and suffering.

The attorneys at The Law Office of John B. Jackson understand that car accident victims often have to deal with a post-traumatic headache. Treatment protocols can be long and costly. We will help you recover the money that you have had to spend during your treatment and recovery phase. Call us as soon as you can so that we can understand the specifics of your case and we can help you get the justice you deserve.