Giving it Your Best Shot – Fair Compensation in a Truck Accident

Most people have learned to anticipate car crashes with similarly sized vehicles. But when you get any difference in size between the two cars involved, the victim in the smaller car can experience much more extensive injuries. Because people anticipate car accidents with similarly sized vehicles, they often don’t consider the full extent of the damage when getting into an accident with a truck or a big rig.

If you were in a Georgia wreck with a big rig or a tractor-trailer, then you might understand through first-hand experience the full extent of the damage. It’s highly likely that you experienced severe injuries and damages during the wreck. To bounce back, you might have to fight hard, not only to regain your previous physical abilities but also to regain your financial stability or security. You should contact our Georgia truck accident attorneys for assistance.

Get Aggressive

You should pursue compensation with the same aggressive force that took place during your accident. The massive amount of energy and force that comes into action with these crashes likely results in extreme injuries. Take the frustration, anger, and pent up energy and take it out on your legal process.

An aggressive legal tactic means that you’re not going to let the other side slip by any means. You’re focused on getting fair compensation, and that might mean going through settlement negotiations, but it doesn’t mean accepting less than what you need to reasonably cover your biggest losses.

If you choose to go through your insurance provider alone, then it’s likely that they’ll use a much more laid-back tactic. They make it seem as though the first settlement offer is the only offer, that it’s easier to take what you can get. You can’t just take what’s offered and then live with looming medical debt for the next ten or fifteen years.

Talk to Experts

Don’t just let the appraiser determine the value of your claim. Meet with experts to recreate the crash, and assess exactly what went wrong to lead to your injuries. Other experts, such as financial experts, can put a value to the true extent of your injuries and the medical help you’ll need over the years. Don’t miss out on compensation for ongoing medical care or future medical expenses that will tie into your injuries sustained during this wreck.

Track All of Your Expenses

The average tractor-trailer accident will cost about $380,000, but that’s not including all of the often forgotten damages. Special travel arrangements to doctor’s appointments and therapy, or the cost of hiring help around the house to do what you cannot are often overlooked. Additionally, any expense that you can’t prove, you probably can’t get compensation for.

That means that you need to carefully monitor and document every single expense related to your accident. From what you had to pay the neighbor kid to take down your trash cans to the Uber, you had to hire to get you to physical therapy on time.

Focus on Hard Evidence

Although it is easy to slip into emotion-driven claims, it’s best to focus on hard evidence. If you’re working with an attorney, they’ll be able to pick out the hard evidence that won’t be disputable during settlement negotiations or in court. These things might include data from either vehicle that shows speed, or when brakes were applied. It may also call upon cell phone records or data recovered from the work computer in the truck to show the driver was possibly distracted.

Can a Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

A Georgia truck accident attorney can help you explore your options for this unexpected crash. Truck accidents that come with substantial medical debt likely resulted in the total loss of vehicle and may demand that you have ongoing or even lifelong medical care. Accidents involving large trucks or tractor-trailers are increasing, and the claims costs are going up too. Fair compensation is not always something that the victims experience. People who attempt to handle the claim on their own and may realize too late into the resolution process that it’s difficult to stand up to a high powered team of attorneys representing the driver.

The attorneys of John B Jackson put a particular focus on the standard vehicle driver as the victim. Truck drivers have a greater duty to everyone else on the road in that their driving as a profession. When they are behind the wheel, they are also on the clock. That means they should put a greater focus on safety, and when they fail to do so, normal drivers like you undergo extensive trauma.