Do I Need An Attorney to Help With Your Insurance Claim?


Most people know that personal injury attorneys help individuals file lawsuits when they’ve been hurt. But lawyers do more than present cases in court! We are legal representatives in a variety of contexts—in negotiations, in mediation, and in insurance dealings. When you file a claim with your insurance company, an attorney can use our experience and knowledge to help the claim move along effectively.

Do you have to have an attorney for your insurance claim? Perhaps not. Technically speaking, you could also refuse to hire a lawyer for a criminal defense case. The more pertinent question is: why would you not hire an attorney?  Our job is to make sure that you are receiving the maximum recovery for your situation.

The fact of the matter is that insurance adjusters are instructed to give you as little money as possible while making you believe you are receiving plenty. And unless you have dealt with insurance companies thousands of times, you likely do not have the experience to tell when an insurance adjuster is offering you a low settlement or treating you with good faith. Our insurance experience gives you clarity.

More than that, our experience as attorneys allows us to gauge the true demand of your injuries. If you hurt yourself in a professional capacity, you may not be aware of how costly your situation is. As a result, you may accept a “generous” settlement from your workers’ compensation policy—a settlement that will not nearly cover the cost of your lost wages, lost earning potential, medical treatment, and long term care. We can help you figure out what you will need to fully recover from your injuries in the long run.

In addition, having an attorney on your side puts you on even ground with the insurance companies.  A skilled personal injury attorney will put you into a position of power. That’s why our role is so vital.

In summary—no, you may not need an attorney for help with your insurance claim. But that’s the wrong question. What you should ask yourself is this: “Can I afford to settle for less than what I need?” If the answer is no, your next step is clear—hire a personal injury attorney. Our firm offers free consultations, so call today.