A Catastrophic Number

One construction site near a highway in Georgia has shocked authorities as the number of accidents and injury caused by injuries has shot through the roof. It has been reported that a construction area off a highway in Georgia has seen 200 accidents and over 70 accidents with injuries, doubling other areas in the country. What’s more is that the temporal measure of the accidents is just under 13 months. Considering that construction areas, despite their seemingly hazardous locale, are not areas of the highest numbers of accidents, it is alarming that Georgia is experiencing such a high rate of accidents. Georgia is known as being a metropolitan area that does not experience metropolitan traffic. If we are not the worst offenders, how do we rate relative to other states in terms of compensation?


Other States


The worst offender for insurance is Florida. With about a quarter of drivers being uninsured, it is easy to see why driving in Florida can be dangerous. What happens when you are in a collision with a driver without insurance? Often times, you might be out of luck. Despite the fact that the law requires you to have insurance, collisions with uninsured drivers can be a headache. Often times, it is difficult to pursue recourse and you must rely on your insurance to pay the difference. This occurs because individuals that cannot afford insurance often times simply cannot afford to pay for your damages. In other words, if he or she had the money to compensate you, they would pay a lesser fee in acquiring car insurance. Such cases are often dragged into court, but what relief will you seek if the opposing counsel simply does not have the monetary means to rectify the situation?


Current Situation


Currently, the legal system leaves a lapse between those who cannot afford insurance and those who can drive. In other words, you can drive without insurance and if you are involved in a car crash, you can find a way to get out of the situation. This leaves the opposing party to have to deal with the damages. Despite the fact that this is unfair to both parties as it allows damages to be unclaimed and insurance companies to compensate on behalf of the uninsured, the current situation leaves much to be desired. Although many cases have filtered through the courts, very little has been changed. The right case and right plaintiff are required to pursue the necessary recourse to change the course of our current legal system. Will you be that person?


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