A Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta Discusses: Does Your Insurance Company Have to Provide a Rental?

At this car accident lawyer in Atlanta, we see many people completely lose access to their vehicles after a crash, either because they are in the repair shop or because they’re out of commission. It doesn’t matter if your car is undergoing minor repairs, major repairs, or is completely out of the picture for now. The fact is, you need a rental or a way to get around town so you can make it to your doctor’s appointments, to work if you are able to, and other daily errands.


The big question is whether your insurance company will provide a rental or not. All too often, people turn to their own insurance provider believing that they’ll provide all the information and access to a rental vehicle. Sadly, yhe ugly truth is that your insurance provider probably doesn’t have that obligation to you. The at-fault driver’s insurance provider, however, might.

Driving After Your Accident

The fear of driving or vehophobia is common among those who have survived car accidents of varying degrees of severity. Even a minor crash can leave the fear of driving but if you are comfortable getting behind the wheel again, then you shouldn’t have anything preventing you. So what happens when you don’t have your vehicle anymore?


It is more and more common for insurance companies to write off vehicles as a total loss because of how quickly they lose their value. Insurance companies determine that a vehicle is a total loss when the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the Blue Book value. When you’re talking upwards of $1,000 to replace a cracked bumper, it’s evident that it doesn’t take much to exceed the value of a vehicle that’s a few years old.


If you are left with vehophobia there are some experts on the matter with a few tips in overcoming that fear. For many people, it’s simply getting back on the road as quickly as possible.

What Happens if Your Car was Totaled?

When a car accident lawyer in Atlanta informs you that your car is a total loss, there’s usually a moment of shock. Then, the question, “Well, what happens next?” The trouble is that you usually can’t just go shopping for a new car the next day. You probably need to wait for a settlement check from the insurance provider of the at-fault driver. Most people don’t keep the cash necessary for a reasonable down payment on hand.


The solution to not having a car while you’re waiting for your check is to get a rental, or use ride share services. Both are inconvenient and can quickly become expensive, depending on how often you use them. Unfortunately, these are usually the only two options you have for transport-on-demand. You can’t expect a family member to give up their car entirely or respond to every phone call for a ride.

Who Should Pay for Your Rental Car?

In theory (at least, from this car accident lawyer in Atlanta’s perspective), you should never have to pay for your rental car if someone else was responsible for totaling yours. However, you may have to put down the deposit and then get a refund later on. Additionally, you may have to pay a non-refundable fee as a security deposit. Depending on the rental company, they may be very understanding of the situation and offer immediate relief with a car rental and the insurance provider’s information.


However, when you’re not the at-fault driver and you’re waiting on another person’s insurance provider, things get messy.


In the best-case scenario, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider should give you a rental car through a company that they work with. In the event that the car is a total loss and that rental car should remain available until you receive your compensation check. Again, this is a best-case scenario, and it’s not typical of the rental car process.

John B. Jackson – A Local Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Contacting John B Jackson could be your first major step toward getting as a support that you need to finally close out this claim. Get the rental car that you need and ensure that you include it as part of your demand letter and fight for coverage on that rental in settlement negotiations. Having an attorney on your side simply ensures that somebody is in your corner when it comes time to negotiate what settlement is fair.


Atlanta car accident can be traumatic but if you do feel comfortable getting back behind the wheel or then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. Get John B. Jackson involved now and rely on our experienced Atlanta lawyers for all the support necessary to get on track and resolve this wreck. Don’t let negotiations on your claim go from bad to disastrous. Make an appointment or call our Atlanta offices.