Can a Car Accident Lawyer in Douglasville, GA Represent Me in a Defective Tire Lawsuit?

Being in a car accident, especially one that you are to blame, can be emotional. You are probably dealing with some injuries of your own and some car damage, and now you worry about how you will be able to afford the damages and compensation that the other party may want as well. However, if you believe that the accident occurred because of a defective tire on your vehicle, it may be a good idea to talk to an accident attorney in Douglasville, GA about your case so you can receive compensation for the object that caused your accident.

Can I be sure that a defective tire caused my accident?

Car accidents can leave everyone dazed and confused. This is one of the reasons why your car accident lawyer is going to work so hard to gather facts, such as obtaining a copy of the police report and talking to witnesses, to help you with your case. Often, the driver may not be sure what caused the car accident to start with.

However, there are two normal scenarios that are associated with the defective tire causing your accident and your accident attorney in Douglasville, GA is going to look at both of them. The first is that the tire was installed in a negligent manner. If this is true, then it is possible to file a negligence lawsuit, along with your car accident lawyer, against the auto shop that put the tire on.

The other issue could be that the design or the structure of the tire is defective. Often these types of defects are not going to show up until you are traveling at high speeds, making the accident even more dangerous. Your car accident lawyer will be able to work with you to determine if this was the cause of your accident, and it could result in a tire recall.

What are the risks of having a defective tire?

When it comes to a defective tire causing a car accident, tread separation is the most common issue. When you are driving at higher speeds, the tire could start to lose the tread. This makes it hard for you to control the vehicle and often result in rollover accidents.

Another defective tire accident is a blowout. This is when the company installs the wrong size of tire or put it in incorrectly. If this happened and caused your accident, you need to talk to your accident attorney in Douglasville, GA. Many police won’t investigate this and most insurance companies won’t see this as a tire defect. Having an attorney on your side can help your claim.

Who holds liability with defective tires?

Many times, you will find limited options available to you when you are in an accident with a defective tire. Most tire manufacturers don’t want to open the door to litigation. If proven that you caused the accident, the insurance company will get you to pay.

If you suspect that your car accident occurred because of a defective tire, it is important to make a claim. Sometimes insurance companies make this harder to navigate, but a good accident attorney can help simplify the process.

It is also possible to file a claim against the tire manufacturer. Doing this on your own is sometimes difficult because the major tire manufacturers usually have legal teams on their side. Working with a car accident lawyer in this situation can help you get the compensation that you need.

The person who is liable for the tire will often depend. If the problem was the tire was not made properly, then it would be the tire manufacturer. If you have the wrong tires on your vehicle, you can file a claim against the company who installed them.

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