Wrongful Death

Some of hardest cases I have ever been involved with involve the death of a loved one.  No matter how old the person who died was that person was someone’s son or daughter.  In a lot of cases that person was also a mother or a father to a child.   Wrongful Death cases can involve a lot of complexity because the damages for the life of an individual is so high.  Plus, the kinds of damages and the amount of damages is different than in your typical personal injury cases.  Also, Georgia statutes control who is entitled to receive the damages and sometimes that issue can really surprise people.  For instance, I had a case one time where the wife of the deceased had not spoken to much less seen her husband in the five years prior to his death in a car accident.  She was entitled to no less than one-third of the recovery we got for the family.  His children from that marriage and another marriage had to split the remaining two-thirds equally.

I take great pride when a family chooses me to represent them in the toughest time of their life.  I remain very good friends with a lot of the families I have had the privilege to represent.  Please watch the video below as I explain more about the complexities of a wrongful death claim.