Can You Sue if You Didn’t Suffer Physical Injuries in Your Accident?

Believe it or not, most car accidents are just that – an accident. Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides to get into a motor vehicle accident. It can be hard to remember this when someone cuts you off and sends you careening into a tree. It also offers much comfort when someone runs a red light and hits your car head-on. Even Douglasville car accident lawyers understand this.

That’s one of the reasons they work so hard to negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies. If you call an experienced Douglasville car accident lawyer, the first thing they’ll ask if you are hurt. If you’re okay, they’ll have a secretary set up a chance for you to come into the office where you can conduct the consultation via zoom. You want to know if you have a claim for damages before you waste too much of your time.

Not Everybody Who’s in a Car Accident Sues Somebody

Some traffic accidents are terribly serious. People break their back or their neck. Perhaps they suffered a traumatic brain injury. According to the Georgia Motor Vehicle Commission, there were more than 1,500 crash fatalities in 2017. This makes Georgia the 4th worst state in the United States for motor vehicle deaths. In fact, car accidents are the number one cause of death in children and adolescents.

While the number of traffic fatalities is high, they’re only a drop in the bucket compared to injuries and non-fatal accidents. Most of these people do not sue. They take what the insurance company gives them and walks away. People with car accident lawyers don’t do this. They fight back for the compensation they deserve. This could be a couple of thousands of dollars or a hundred thousand dollars. It all depends on your case.

Douglasville Car Accident Lawyers Only Accept Cases with Merit

It may sound a bit cold-hearted, but Douglasville car crash lawyers only accept cases that are worth a certain amount. It would be unfair to you and your attorney to move forward with a case that isn’t worth anything. It would only get your hopes up unnecessarily and waste a lot of your car accident attorney’s time.

When you come into our office for your free initial consultation, you can let the attorney review your paperwork. If they feel you have a valid case, they’ll let you know. Some of the things your Georgia car accident lawyer will consider include the following:

  • Did you suffer medical injuries?
  • How serious were your injuries? Did you require surgery?
  • Did you experience a lot of pain?
  • Were you out of work as a result of your injuries? If so, how long?
  • Were you eventually able to go back to your career?

The answers to all these questions will be helpful in determining how much your case was worth. If it’s only worth a few thousand dollars, the evidence will have to be very strong for the attorney to take it. If the case is worth a ton of money, your Douglasville car accident lawyer may be willing to take a greater risk. It’s their job to make you whole. It isn’t your attorney’s job to make you rich. They can only get you damages that you’re legally entitled to,

Any Property Damage Should Be Covered by Someone’s Insurance

With most car crashes, the insurance companies pay the claims and there is no major issue. But you wouldn’t be reading this article if you relaxed and waiting for the other driver’s lawyer to come to you. You need to be aggressive both with the insurance company and the driver. You need to fight for what you deserve.

That’s the reason why you hire a car accident lawyer in Douglasville in the first place. You want them to go after whoever they can so they can get you as much money as possible. If you only suffered property damage, then that’s all you can ask for in court.

The various types of damages your Douglasville car accident lawyer can demand include the following:

  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Long-term medical or emotional care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Possible punitive damages

It is incredibly difficult to convince a judge to award you punitive damages but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you remember that you aren’t going to profit off your accident lawsuit. Call our office as soon as possible so you can schedule your free, initial consultation.