Work Injuries that are Common to All Industries in Carrollton, Georgia, Workers’ Comp Claims

While many work places come with their own special risks and hazards, there are some injuries that can occur in any kind of work environment.  There are those injuries that commonly occur in a specific industry, such as the hazard of falling objects on a construction site, the likelihood of bitten by an animal in a veterinary office or an animal shelter, and the likelihood of inhaling smoke for a firefighter. A nurse is more likely to sustain a back injury from lifting a patient. A delivery driver (or anyone who drives for a living) is likely to get into an auto accident while working. Then, you have those injuries that occur in unexpected environments, such as an office worker tripping and falling or lifting something heavy and injuring their back. A construction worker could even get bitten by a dog that happens to be running free through a construction site. Anyone working in an office, a store, or restaurant (for example) could be caught in a building fire. The point is that some injuries are common to specific work environments, some injuries can unexpectedly occur in any environment, and some are a risk for all workplace environments. Today, we’ll look at the work injuries that are common to all work industries.

Slip and Trip and Fall Injuries Happen in All Carrollton, Georgia, Work Environments

No matter where you work, you are at risk of sustaining a slip and fall injury or a trip and fall injury. This is because

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slip and trip hazards are everywhere. An office environment could have cords, boxes, the corner of a desk, or the leg of a chair that you could trip over. Restaurant workers and grocery store workers are more likely to encounter spills or wet floors from people walking through after walking in the rain or snow. Any environment indoors could experience a roof leak or have damaged carpeting. Outdoor environments can have hazards like uneven walkways.

Of course, the more moving around you do in your workplace, the more likely you are to slip or trip and fall on something. If you spend most of your time sitting at a desk or standing in one spot behind a counter or at a machine, then you may be at less risk of such injuries, but they could still happen. You might have to use the restroom or move from one station or desk to another. You’re bound to walk from one place to another at some point, and if there is any kind of hazard in your way that you don’t notice, you could slip or trip and fall and become injured.

When you do slip or trip and fall, there are many different injuries that you could wind up with. Multiple factors are involved in how serious your injuries may be. For instance, if you slip or trip and fall while working at a height, then you might fall a great distance in a lower level fall. This could result in very serious injuries. In other cases, you might strike your head or another body part on an object, like a desk, a table, a counter, or a machine. You might fall on a hard surface, such as the pavement outdoors, or a tiled floor indoors. Then, there are cases where someone will attempt to stop their fall and end up spraining an ankle or breaking a wrist in trying to catch themselves.

On issue with slip or trip and fall injuries is that they are often embarrassing for the worker. So, you might try to get up and walk it off, hoping nobody noticed, particularly if there are no severely painful injuries. Yet, you might find later that a headache won’t go away or the pain in your wrist or ankle is growing worse. It is very common for people to become injured like this and not realize the severity of their injury until later. For this reason, you should always report an accidental fall at work.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions Happen in All Carrollton, Georgia, Work Environments

Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury or TBI, but they are the least severe. Still, concussions do range from mild to severe and can result in memory disturbance, confusion, nausea and vomiting, and other serious short term symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries can also be more severe, and end up disrupting your life to a significant degree long term. You could end up with serious short term memory or long term memory conditions, for example. These kinds of injuries can also occur in any work environment because the possibility of striking your head on something is one that nobody is immune to. As mentioned previously, slip or trip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, and these can lead to concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. You could also have something fall on your head or be in a work related auto accident that causes a head injury. If you are injured at work and notice that you have a headache, you will want to mention this to your doctor to make sure that any head injuries you may have are diagnosed, treated appropriately, and included in your workers’ compensation claim.

Electrical Accident Injuries Happen in All Carrollton, Georgia, Work Environments

Another type of accidental injury that can occur in any work environment in Carrollton, Georgia, is the electrical accident injury. Because virtually all work environments include the use of electricity, these types of injuries can happen anywhere at any time. Naturally, those who work with the electrical system in buildings are at increased risk, as are those who work with electrical tools. Yet, pretty much everyone needs light and other electrical tools and devices to work. Even office workers use lights and computers, for example. Anyone working inside of a building could become injured by an electrical accident, including electrical fires. When the electric system of a building is damaged, there is always a likelihood of someone getting shocked or electrocuted. A common risk to many work environments are the electronic machines used in break rooms, such as microwaves. Any time an electrical accident causes an injury, even if it is only a mild shock, you should report this and seek medical treatment.

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