Six Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer to Deal With Your Car Accident

It can be challenging to know what to do if you’ve sustained severe injuries in a Carrollton car accident. There are numerous things to consider and lots of decisions to make. One of the complex considerations is whether you should hire the best auto accident lawyers in Carrollton and the benefits of hiring a lawyer. Wouldn’t it be wise to handle your case yourself and save money?

The answer to the above question is “no.” Pursuing a personal injury claim against an at-fault driver’s insurance company typically involves a lot of paperwork. The compensation process can be overwhelming, from signing forms to providing evidence and making statements.

It’s also easy to make irreversible mistakes while processing your claims, mainly because you aren’t conversant with the system. However, you wouldn’t have to deal with these bottlenecks when you have an attorney representing your interests.

This article discusses the essential benefits of hiring a lawyer and the advantages of having the best auto accident lawyers in Carrollton handle your case. We’d begin with the common myths surrounding hiring a personal injury attorney in the city.

Common Misconceptions About Hiring a Lawyer

The majority of the reasons accident victims give for not engaging the services of experienced lawyers are based on widespread fallacies. They include the following:

  • You Only Need an Attorney for Severe Injuries

When discussing the benefits of hiring a lawyer, many injured persons believe that personal injury lawyers are for crash victims with severe injuries only. So, if they sustained seemingly minor injuries, they wouldn’t see any need to get legal representation.

However, minor post-crash symptoms like headaches can indicate a much more severe injury that you may discover too late. For example, nausea, blurry vision, and dizziness are minor symptoms associated with concussion, a traumatic brain injury.

This type of injury can keep you off work for a long time and drain your finances through medical bills. Your injury lawyer can help determine the compensatory sums you deserve and ensure that you get them.

  • Insurance Can Handle Everything

Many victims believe that insurance companies will live up to their legal responsibilities and promptly pay them maximum damages. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Many insurance companies will bully you into accepting lowball settlements if they know you have no attorney fighting for you.

You may not even know how extensive the insurance coverage is in some cases. The insurance companies will typically take advantage of your ignorance and pay only the damages you demand. There’s no room to settle for less than you deserve with a lawyer.

  • Lawyers Are Expensive

One of the most dangerous misconceptions is that attorneys are costly and will rip you off your settlement. This isn’t true. Many personal injury lawyers aren’t all about the money. They’re often passionate about what they do and want to see you get justice.

To that end, they’ll provide convenient payment options for you. This includes the contingency fee arrangement where you pay the professional fees only when you win. You won’t pay a dime if you don’t get compensated.

  • They’re All the Same

While all attorneys know something about every aspect of the law, like doctors, they specialize in different practice areas. So, it will be a grave mistake to hand your personal injury case over to a family or business lawyer. That’s like visiting a dentist for your fractured hip.

So, don’t just go about talking to any lawyer about your car crash case. Instead, verify that they are the best auto accident lawyers in Carrollton who have successfully handled similar cases.

  • You Can File Your Claim Anytime

While the legal system gives you ample time to file your cases, there must be an end to injury claims. The law imposes strict deadlines for pursuing personal injury claims and lawsuits.

Referred to as Statutes of Limitations, these timelines will prevent you from getting compensation if you exceed them. So, always get started on your case immediately after the collision.

best auto accident lawyers in Carrollton

Top 6 Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Your Auto Accident in Carrollton

These are six essential benefits of hiring a lawyer and having a skilled and compassionate car accident attorney on your case:

1. Experience and Knowledge

Accident cases are complex and require someone well versed in personal injury laws. A car crash attorney is the only one with the experience and knowledge to understand the intricacies of your case. After analyzing your case, they will assist you with the best solutions to prevent you from trial and error.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

As we mentioned earlier, the best personal injury attorneys worry more about getting you justice than their pockets. By subscribing to a contingency fee arrangement, you’ll find that hiring a lawyer is much cheaper than doing it yourself.

3. Saves Time

The benefits of hiring a lawyer for your case include you not having to waste time doing research. Injury attorneys know the law and the system like the back of their palms. They know how much your case is worth and the fastest ways to make the insurance companies pay. They also understand the Statute of Limitations and will ensure that they finalize your claim within the stipulated deadlines.

4. Proper Investigations

You will have to provide ample evidence to prove anything you’re alleging. Sometimes, you may not be aware of relevant facts that can help you claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you carry out investigations to reveal hidden truths. If there’s any piece of evidence relevant to your case, they’ll find them too.

5. Legal Representation in Court

In some situations, your case will have to go to trial. Legal battles in court are as complex as insurance claims—they can even be more complicated. However, your personal injury lawyers understand the process. One of the key benefits of hiring a lawyer is that they’ll argue your case before the court convincingly and get you justice.

6. Emotional Support to Let You Focus on Recovery

While lawyers are objective when handling the facts of your case, they’ll also provide you with emotional support. They understand your pain and will provide all the help they can in ensuring that you get better.

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When pursuing adequate compensation after an auto crash, you don’t have to do it alone. That’s because personal injury claims processes are stressful and can reduce your chances of a speedy recovery. Again, you don’t have adequate experience and knowledge to get the best results. Consider the benefits of hiring a lawyer and let an experienced car wreck attorney represent you.

Our personal injury lawyers in Carrollton, Georgia, are always ready to take up the fight on your behalf. At the Law Office of John B. Jackson, our primary aim is to provide legal solutions best suited to your case’s specifics. We’ll do all the difficult work to get you maximum compensation while allowing you to recuperate nicely. Call us for a free case review and get quality, compassionate legal assistance immediately.