How Common are Pedestrian Accidents in Atlanta, GA?

Pedestrian accidents are common in Atlanta, GA. According to the reports of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, 41 pedestrians lost their lives in Fulton County in 2016, and many more were injured. The same source estimates that from all Georgia residents incurring injuries or losing their lives in car accidents 15% are pedestrians.

This certainly holds true in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, where the traffic is always crowded and drivers are always in a hurry. From billboards to their own smartphones, drivers are assaulted by distractions from all sides. The sad part is that, unlike drivers and car passengers, pedestrians have no protection against injuries. Therefore, when accidents happen, they are the ones who suffer the most serious injuries. Common injuries among pedestrians are:

In many cases, these injuries are very difficult and expensive to treat. All pedestrians involved in pedestrian accidents where they were not at fault may be able to claim compensation for their losses. The best way to find out what their rights are and how to pursue them is to request a case evaluation from an experienced Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney.

Types of Losses an Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Recover for Their Clients

Depending on the case details, compensation claims for pedestrian accidents in Atlanta can include any or all of the following losses:

  • Property damages – The value of any assets damaged or lost in the accident
  • Medical care – Any treatment and rehabilitation-related costs
  • Disability adjustments and home care – Expenses disabled pedestrian accident victims incur to adjust their home to their disability and receive the care they need
  • Pain and suffering – Compensation for severe physical and psychological trauma
  • Lost income and earning capacity – The value of past and future lost wages, and more.

In order to obtain the compensation, their client deserves, the pedestrian accident attorney will have to show that the other party or parties involved in the accident were at fault for it, that they violated traffic laws and regulations or otherwise neglected their duty of care. Here is a brief overview of the most common Georgia laws drivers and pedestrians violate in traffic.

Main Georgia Laws Governing Right of Way and Pedestrian Accidents

  • Georgia Code section § 40-6-92 stipulates that pedestrians have right of way when using crosswalks, on the condition that they obey any other traffic signals active in the area. When crossing the street in unmarked areas, they should yield right of way to all vehicles.
  • Georgia Code Section § 40-6-91 reinforces the drivers’ obligation to yield right of way to pedestrians on crosswalks, and prohibits squeezing by or cutting their way. This section also stipulates that pedestrians should not leave the sidewalk and run into the cars’ path suddenly.
  • Georgia Code Section § 40-6-203 makes it illegal for drivers to park their vehicles on crosswalks and within 20 feet from them. The reason is that they could obstruct the drivers and pedestrians’ visibility. Those who violate this code section could be partly at fault for any accidents occurring in the area.
  • Georgia Code Section § 40-6-144 imposes that drivers emerging from alleys or driveways yield right of way to any pedestrians using the sidewalk along the main road they wish to enter. Scenarios when the pedestrian jumps in front of the car, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, does not use the sidewalk, or is outside the visibility range of the driver may cancel the liability of the latter.

Unfortunately, knowing that a driver violated any of the code sections is not enough to get compensation. The violation and its role in the production of the injuries have to be proven. This is where the skills and experience of a dedicated Atlanta pedestrian injury lawyer come in handy.

The Importance of Working with an Atlanta Injury Lawyer with Experience in Pedestrian Accidents

The victims of pedestrian accidents only have two years available to file a compensation claim for their losses. This means very little time for someone who has suffered serious injuries and needs to gather proofs not only of how the accident occurred but also of all the expenses and losses they incurred.

An Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney can take over the case immediately after the accident, or upon request. They will analyze the case details and any evidence available, and they will tell their client exactly what to expect.

Depending on the circumstances, they may conduct their own investigations to gather additional evidence, find witnesses, obtain expert testimonies, and estimate future expenses their client may incur. They will take over all the formalities and advise their client every step of the way, doing everything necessary to secure the highest compensation available for the latter.

Were you or someone close to you the victim of a pedestrian accident? At John B. Jackson & Associates, we know how difficult and expensive it is to recover after pedestrian accidents. That is why we provide free case reviews to all victims, allowing them to obtain the answers and advice they need.

We can help you too! Call or contact us online and schedule a free review of your case with one of our lawyers with experience in pedestrian accidents! You will find out the value of your case and what you need to do to obtain compensation. If you decide to hire them, our Atlanta car accident lawyer will not rest until they see you with the money in your hand, or in your bank account.