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Georgia Car Wreck

Are Drunk Drivers Always At Fault?

Drunk drivers are a huge issue in Georgia, the big Peach has plenty of bars, and people are all too quick to jump behind the wheel. Now, while some people claim that they’re better drivers

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police report-amend-georgia
Car Accidents

Can You Dispute a Police Report?

There are a few things that you absolutely must do after a crash, and one of them is filing a police report. After a bad crash, police will often arrive on the scene and conduct

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Incorrect Police Report

Can You Have a Police Report Amended?

You get your copy of the Douglasville police report, and suddenly you realize something is terribly wrong. The police report could have incorrect information, or they may have lost track of the quotes and misquoted

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uber accidents-immediate-action
Uber Accidents

Is Uber Insured for Passengers?

Uber has insurance for its drivers and passengers, and others hurt because of their Uber drivers. Whether the driver was at-fault or there were other circumstances involved in the wreck, you can pursue full compensation.

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