Is Uber Insured for Passengers?

Uber has insurance for its drivers and passengers, and others hurt because of their Uber drivers. Whether the driver was at-fault or there were other circumstances involved in the wreck, you can pursue full compensation. For the best bet in getting coverage for your claim through Uber’s insurance for riders, you should connect with a Lawrenceville, GA auto accident attorney.

What Is Uber’s Policy for Insurance Coverage for Passengers?

Uber’s coverage policy is comprehensive police that caps at one million dollars, meaning that anything short of wrongful death should definitely fall under the coverage. Now coverage extends to both drivers, passengers, and victims of the wreck (caused by the Uber driver) that may be in other vehicles.

The coverage applies to property damage, as well as medical costs, and in some situations can apply toward pain and suffering, wrongful death, and various losses. There are requirements, however.

So, Uber provides insurance when the driver is on their way when waiting for a ride request with the App active, and during Uber trips. The passengers are only covered during the trip, not while they are waiting, or when the Uber driver has dropped them off already.

How Will Uber Passengers Make Their Insurance Claim?

The good news in this situation is that you being the passenger means there’s absolutely no way you’re at fault. Unless you were in some way attacking the driver, which is a completely different issue, you’re not at fault. The driver may have been distracted, or another driver could have been at fault, but you can make your claim without worrying about fault at all.

As the passenger, you’ll need to contact Uber’s support line. While it would be nice to resolve everything within the app, that’s not a reasonable expectation when you’re handling something like a car wreck. Instead, contact Uber by phone, and give an account of what happened.

Now, if you’re not entirely sure of what to do and don’t feel comfortable contacting Uber, then reach out to a local Lawrenceville auto accident attorney. They can provide insight and even take action for you. They’ll help you file a liability claim and claim for any property damage. For example, if you knew the phone broke during the wreck, you can include that in your claim.

In these cases, it’s usually easier to work with an attorney because you’re handling someone who has your best outcome in mind rather than their own best interests.

What if the Driver was the Person At-Fault?

So drivers are required by Uber to maintain collision and comprehensive insurance on their personal policies as well. That means that if your Uber driver caused the wreck, then you may need to file a claim with their insurance as well.

Even if your Uber driver was at-fault for the Lawrenceville wreck, you could still put your claim through with Uber. They will often look out for their riders, and it may alert them of the crash if the driver did not.

Can a Passenger Make an Insurance Claim?

Absolutely a passenger can file an insurance claim with Uber, but they will need proof to do so. Uber will want to see the screenshot of the active Uber ride marking the time of the ride. Then, you’ll need the police report which you may have to pay to get. Additionally, you will want to have pictures of the wreck, showing the vehicles involved.

Uber’s insurance reps will contact you for additional information about your claims, such as property damage, and injuries. But often, the biggest trouble is alerting them of the wreck if the Uber driver did not. It is complex because, oftentimes, the Uber driver, will try to avoid reporting the crash because Uber will either suspend the driver or outright dismiss them from the service. That could mean that one wreck can lose them their job or livelihood.

Should You Reach Out to a Lawrenceville, GA  Car Accident Attorney?

John B. Jackson aims to help the Uber victim’s in Lawrenceville, GA. Contacting our office might be the first step in a decent direction. Your Uber ride clearly took a wrong turn, but that doesn’t mean that you’re left picking up the pieces alone. In fact, with a law firm that handles Uber accident injuries by your side, you should recover the full compensation necessary for your medical debt and other financial obligations.

Now, reach out to John B. Jackson for guidance on filing your claim with Uber and how to declare your demand for compensation. Our attorneys will lay down a foundation for a strong case, and clearly lay out why you need the compensation you do.