What Should You Do if Your Car Was Hit While it was Parked?

If your car was hit while it was parked, the first thing you should do is document the scene of the wreck. This is easily done by taking a few pictures. But you’ll always want to report the wreck to your insurance company and file a police report. If you’re lucky, then you’ll have a note left on your windshield with the other driver’s insurance information. This happens when the driver simply doesn’t have the time to wait around for someone to come out of a store or get through a parking lot to tell them about the crash.

Then there are the worst situations the cases where a driver hit your vehicle then took off and didn’t leave any information. Even though your car was parked, this is still considered a hit and run accident. Hardly seems like an accident at all, right? In those cases, you’ll definitely want to file a police report and then start reaching out to businesses or homeowners in the area to try to recover any evidence. An automobile accident attorney in Atlanta can help you get started on your parked car claim.

Where Was Your Car Parked?

There are different ways of handling a parked car accident. If your car was parked in a grocery store parking lot, that would be different than your car getting hit in your driveway. The environment that your car was hit can make a difference in the evidence available and how your insurance company should handle your claim.

Now, don’t freak out. If your car was hit in your driveway, you might need to put up a bit of a fight. Insurance companies will look at those types of claims more closely because they highly suspect them of fraud. The thought is that someone who hit someone else or had previously been in a wreck that was their fault would claim it is a parked car accident in their driveway later. You would need to go through a lengthy investigation to prove that this wasn’t the case.

Cars parked in other areas often do go through the same questioning because there is likely some witness or video surveillance to help show what happened.

Private Property Claims and Requests for Evidence

When parked car crashes happen on private property, it’s important to get a police report because you’re looking at one person’s word versus another. Private property includes driveways and parking lots but not streets, easements, or even alleys.

So what can you do with private property? The good news is that if it’s a business, you can request their video surveillance in hopes that it shows who hit your car and provide enough information to get in contact with them, such as a license plate. However, other private property claims could cause a few disruptions.

Can You Go Through with a Claim if Your Car Was Hit While it was Parked?

You can go through with a claim, and you should. Even if it’s a hit-and-run, you can possibly file under your UIM insurance, or if you have full coverage, you may have an option to file under your collision insurance plan.

Having a claim doesn’t always have to involve another person, and it doesn’t always have to include you being behind the wheel. What should happen is that the other driver should have left a note or message on your windshield and possibly with store security with their name, address, contact number, and an explanation.

Something in that type of note might read like, “Hey, I pulled into a spot, and your car was struck by the left back tire. My name is John Jones. You can reach me at 999-888-7777.” If they’re really great, then they’ll include their insurance information and driver’s license number.

Will an Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer Help?

Contacting an automobile accident law firm in Alabama is the first step that many people take to set their affairs for their claim in order. Now, if your car was hit when it was parked, you may not know if you can even file a claim. It’s likely that you can and that you should submit a claim, but you might have some trouble getting that started, especially if it was a hit and run case.

Working with the law office of John B. Jackson, you can establish what you want or need out of a claim, and we can help you file for it. That could mean pulling evidence from nearby businesses or homeowners to see if we can identify or locate the vehicle that hit your car. Additionally, it will likely involve a police report and your insurance company. Get in touch with John B. Jackson’s office in Atlanta now.

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