What You Need to Know About Drowsy Driving Accidents in Atlanta, GA

The roads in Georgia, like other states, are unfortunately not seeing much improvement in terms of driving safety. Because of busy lifestyles, the average amount of sleep that most people get is less than what they really need, which in turn impairs their ability to drive with focus and caution. Driving while enduring fatigue can result in disastrous consequences for the driver and everyone nearby. This brutal episode in a person’s life should be accompanied by the help of a drowsy driving attorney in order for her to recover and resume a normal life.

Drowsy Driving Accidents in Atlanta Must Be Handled by a Knowledgeable Drowsy Driving Attorney

In addition to treating injuries, the victim of a distracted driving accident may have to undergo rehabilitation and repair her vehicle. You should know that drowsy driving is not illegal in the state of Georgia, meaning that the driver at fault can possibly walk away if he is not held liable the for injuries – or loss of lives – he caused. Moreover, the financial cost of recovery can easily get very expensive, which is why the help of a lawyer is preferable to obtain fair compensation.

Why Does Drowsy Driving Cause Accidents?

There are many factors that lead to driving while tired, which is why it is so prevalent. The most common cause is driving at night, particularly between midnight and 6 AM. People who are more likely to drive during this time window include shift workers, commercial drivers fall as well as people going home after weekends parties—to mention a few. Not getting enough sleep hours take a toll on the body; a driver who has slept less than 5 hours is comparable to a drunk driver, as his body is simply not functioning properly. He will have difficulty keeping his eyes open, remembering the last few miles driven and quickly making the right decision when something unexpected happens. A vehicle running at high speed with a semi-unconscious driver is nothing but an imminent disaster.

Driving while tired can cause you to drift from your lane, miss turns and red lights. A drowsy driver lacks the alertness required to detect danger and promptly react, like braking when an animal is crossing the road. Distracted driving can lead to a collision with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal or an object like a tree or a wall.

Car accidents caused by drowsy driving result in serious injuries, lasting trauma, an emotional inability to drive again and sometimes even death. These consequences apply not only to the driver but the passengers with him as well as other people in case of a collision with another vehicle.

What Can You Do to Avoid Driving Tired?

In order to minimize the risk of car accidents caused by distracted driving, you need to take measures to avoid driving while tired and exercise caution at all times to react properly if you happen to come across a drowsy driver.

Simply keeping the music on high volume and rolling down the window are not sufficient measures to prevent drowsiness. Drinking coffee can help too, but what you should really do first is to question why you would drive while tired at all. If you regularly experience fatigue while driving, then you need to see your doctor as you might have an untreated disorder. If you take medicine regularly, see if it has sleep-inducing side effects.

Take breaks and naps if possible. See if you can bring a passenger on board to intervene in case you doze off; you can even take turns in driving and have a bit of rest. Be sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Sleeping is mandatory not only for safe driving but also for your ability to focus at work.

A recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that nearly 10% of car accidents involve drowsy driving. Due to a wide range of causes, distracted driving is rather frequent, and you are likely to come across a drowsy driver any time.

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