What Are the Dangers of Speeding in Douglasville?

As a Douglasville resident, you’ve probably witnessed some drivers speeding past you at various points. The majority of Douglasville’s car accident lawyers have also had to deal with numerous speeding accident cases over the years. It has become a prevalent cause of concern on the city highways, Georgia, and nationwide.

Speeding means driving faster than the recommended limit. The maximum speed limits in Georgia range from 30 miles to 70 miles per hour, depending on the location. Going above recommended speed limits can be extremely dangerous and has devastating legal, financial, and health consequences. Sometimes, speeding may include driving too fast for specific adverse road conditions, even if you’re within the legal speed limits.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about the dangers and consequences of this practice. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself from drivers going over the limit in Douglasville. Again, as an auto crash victim from speeding, this article will help you take the proper steps concerning your case.

Why Do Douglasville Drivers Speed?

The following are the common reasons why Douglasville motorists drive above recommended speed limits:

  • Traffic Congestions

Traffic gridlocks can make drivers feel stuck on the road. Once the traffic eases, they may try to regain lost time and celebrate their freedom by speeding.

  • Running Late

The fear of arriving late to an event or missing a necessary appointment is a significant reason why motorists’ speed.

  • Disregard for Traffic Safety

Some drivers don’t care about the safety of others on the road. So, they drive on autopilot and do whatever gives them “the high” at any given time.

  • Habits and Social Pressure

Some drivers have developed toxic character traits that make them prone to speeding and aggressive driving. In some cases, motorists may speed because the passengers in their vehicles are urging them on.

Why Is It Dangerous to Speed in Douglasville?

Speeding in Douglasville is risky for these reasons:

  • Reduced Reaction Time

Reaction time refers to the timeframe within which drivers can respond to emergencies on the road. The more reaction time a motorist has, the less likely they will avoid road accidents. Speeding makes it extremely difficult to have adequate reaction times.

  • Severe Injuries and Fatalities

Speeding significantly increases your risks of severe injuries and fatalities in an accident. According to NHTSA, 9,478 people died due to speeding in 2019. The report also stated that 26% of all traffic fatalities were due to speeding. Driving beyond speed limits also puts you at risk of severe car and property damage.

  • It’s a Criminal Offence

Speeding, like many other traffic violations, is a misdemeanor in Georgia. Speeding Georgia motorists are at risk of fines, points on their driving license, and incarceration.

How to Deal With Speeding Drivers

You can protect yourself from overspeeding motorists by doing the following:

  • Avoid Rash Impulses

Seeing a speeding driver on the highway can be triggering. However, approaching them or acting on impulse can further endanger your life.

  • Let Them Pass

If a driver is tailgating while driving quickly, allow them to overtake your vehicle. Try to stay as far away from these motorists as possible.

  • Document as Much Information as Possible

When you’re out of harm’s way, park your vehicle and document as many details about the driver as possible.

  • Call the Police

Call law enforcement and let them know that there’s a speeding driver on the loose. Provide all the details about the driver’s vehicle that can help the police identify them.

What to Do After an Auto Crash in Douglasville

These are the proper steps to take after a traffic accident in Douglasville:

  • Keep calm, get out of harm’s way and check for yourself for injuries. If you can, check other victims for injuries too.
  • Dial 911 for medical attention and to get across to the police.
  • Document every evidence available. Interview witnesses too.
  • Contact your accident attorney for the next steps to take on your case.

Contact a Douglasville Car Accident Attorney Now!

We’ll have to deal with fewer auto collisions if every driver drove within the legal speed limit. Unfortunately, this is not the reality of the situation. So, you’re at high risk of being in a speed-related vehicle crash while driving or walking on Douglasville roads.

In such a circumstance, having an experienced personal injury attorney will prove to be a massive advantage for you. That’s why you must always contact our competent Douglasville car accident lawyers at the Law Office of John B. Jackson to handle your cases on your behalf. We’ll always do a great job ensuring that you get no less justice than you deserve. Contact us for a free case review immediately.