Car Accident Traumatic Brain Injury

When you are in a head-on collision or other serious accident, you may suffer a traumatic brain injury. This is one of the scariest types of injuries to have. We refer to a traumatic brain injury as a TBI. You can get a TBI in a car accident or any other sort of incident where your head is struck.

Any blow to the head can cause a traumatic brain injury. It usually requires surgery. You may have bleeding on the brain. This bleeding will have to be stopped. TBI can cause all sorts of problems for you. You may have trouble walking and talking. Your speech may be affected. There is no limit to the ways in which a TBI can affect your body.

If you suffer a TBI, you need to go after whoever is responsible. It may be another driver if you were in a car accident. It may be their insurance company. If you were hit by a commercial vehicle, you will have to pursue the company the driver worked for. A TBI will seriously impact your life. You are entitled to compensation.

Types of Damages You Can Get Following a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Carrollton, GA

You may wonder what kind of damages can result from a TBI.  There are many and it all depends on how serious your injuries are.  Some of the damages associated with a TBI are:

  • Medical bills

You likely had to receive medical treatment for your TBI. You usually need MRI, x-rays and other tests. These tests are expensive. Your insurance company may cover some of them. However, you will have to pay co-pays. There may be out-of-pocket expenses. Keep proof of all this so you can give it to your attorney.

  • Future medical bills

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury can have long-lasting effects. You will need to get ongoing treatment and testing for many years. Doctors will have to track your progress to make sure the injuries heal and don’t get worse. You may have injuries that never heal. Your TBI may linger the rest of your life. The person at fault should be responsible for all of these costs.

  • Current and future lost wages

Regardless of the type of job you have, if you suffer a traumatic brain injury, it will affect your job. You may not be able to work at all or may have to change jobs or careers. You may have to work part-time instead of full-time. Either way, you have to the wages you lost due to your TBI. Experienced lawyers know how to calculate these lost wages. They will demand that you are compensated for them.

  • Pain and suffering

If you suffer a TBI as the result of a car accident, you will surely experience pain and suffering. The state of Georgia allows you to be compensated for pain and suffering. There are all sorts of things that are included in pain and suffering. Your car accident attorney will be able to present these to the court or a jury. He will use them to try to settle your case so you don’t have to go to trial.

Your auto accident lawyer in Carrollton, GA will review your case to see what damages you are entitled to. He will look at your medical reports and documentation. He will build a case for the judge or jury. However, it will be his goal to settle your case so you don’t need to suffer through a trial. You need to focus on recovering at a time such as this.


There are important things to know about the law when it comes to car accidents. You need to be aware of the statute of limitations. You need to know what it takes to prove your damages. An experienced auto accident lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to do this.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

None of us wants to imagine that we’ll be in a car accident. We surely don’t think about what we’d do if our loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury. It is good to know that if this does happen, you have someone to turn to. The Law Office of John B. Jackson in Carrollton is ready to review your case.

You want to have an experienced auto accident lawyer by your side if you suffer a TBI. You will be scared and confused. The insurance companies have attorneys working for them and so should you. The other driver probably has an attorney. You don’t want to face it alone. Call The Law Office of John B. Jackson for a free consultation. He will review your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.