What Is Property Damage in a Douglasville Auto Accident?

Property damage is one of the consequences of an auto crash in Douglasville. It primarily covers anything damaged in the collision, although damage to the vehicle is usually the primary component. However, you should also check for any other personal property in the car that gets destroyed.

The preceding might include things like a GPS, a phone, or any goods you’re transporting. In addition, medical bills for any pet injured might come under property damage. If you can establish the worth of damaged items and show the wreck ruined them, you can get reimbursement from the fault party. This is because Georgia operates a fault-based compensation system.

Our Douglasville auto accident lawyers will look at property damage and how it differs from a personal injury claim in this article. If you want to get compensation from the fault party in an auto crash, our accident attorneys at the Law Office of John B. Jackson can help you.

What Is a Property Damage Claim in Douglasville? 

In Georgia, a property damage claim is separate from a personal injury claim. It means you can commence it independently. This is excellent as it allows you to settle the damage on your vehicle while still getting treated for your injuries.

In a property damage claim, the first thing that happens is an appraisal to determine whether or not your car can be repaired. If the car sustained a substantial injury or is totaled, you’ll need to find out the car’s value as soon as you can. The value lets you and the insurance company know whether fixing the car is the best option or getting a new one.

Furthermore, if you owe money on the car as per loan, you’ll need to determine the payoff value. That is, you need to find out how much you still need to pay. The specific dollar amount is crucial if you cannot repair the car.

After carrying out the discussed steps, you’ll know the exact amount to ask the fault party for property damages. It’s always best to work with an experienced lawyer. An attorney knows those who can tell you the value of your car and will help quicken the recovery process.

Who Is Responsible for Paying Property Damages? 

There are two things to consider here; the first is whether the accident is your fault or someone else’s fault. If the accident is your fault, you may have to foot the bill for property damage yourself or through your insurer. The latter is possible if you have an auto insurance policy.

However, your insurance provider might not cover your property loss if you were negligent. For instance, if you were under the influence and driving recklessly when the accident occurred, your insurer might not pay for your losses. This is because most auto liability insurance covers the other party’s losses and not yours.

Thus, when you are the victim of an accident, the other party would pay for the damage to your car. If the responsible party and their insurer delay paying you damages, you can use your money to foot the bill. Afterward, you can sue the fault party and their insurer to recover the money spent.

If the fault party does not have insurance coverage, you might use your uninsured motorist coverage if you have one. If you don’t, a lawsuit might be your only option. Note that in an accident where you suffered injuries, you can choose to hold off on demanding property damages until you complete your treatment. It means that you’ll demand property damages when making a personal injury claim.

When Should You Commence a Property Damage Claim? 

In an accident without injuries, the best time to commence a property damage claim is immediately after the accident. To do this, ensure you exchange the following information with the fault party:

  • Name and contact address
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Insurance carrier and policy details

In an accident where the property damage does not include a vehicle but, say a fence or mailbox, you can ask the fault party to pay the cost of repairs. What’s essential in property damage claims is not just whether you also drove a vehicle, but whether a negligent driver damaged your property with their car.

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