Texas Safe-Driving Strategies and Solutions

Everyone that spends time on the road should want the shared goal of a safe driving experience. The duty of care that every driver owes to everyone else can be a collective effort to improve safety is everyone gives time and dedication to improving their safety habits and driving with greater attention on the road.

You can take simple steps to improve your driving strategies to reduce your risk of injury and accidents. It’s possible that some of these simple steps could help you avoid future accidents. Of course, there will always be some accidents that are seemingly unavoidable. None of us can stop another driver from reckless, dangerous, or even generally negligent driving behavior. All we can do is control our behavior as much as possible. If you’ve been involved in a crash, you should contact our Texas car accident attorneys today.

Don’t Trust Others On The Road

There’s nothing more dangerous than a person barreling down the road in a ton of metal, otherwise known as a vehicle. People quickly forget that vehicles are a tool that can quickly become a weapon. When people aren’t paying attention, or are intoxicated in some way, they are a huge danger on the road.

Don’t trust that someone else on the road would use their turn signal properly, wait to change lanes until it’s safe, or any other standard traffic event. In fact, you shouldn’t trust that other drivers will do anything to your benefit.

Always Yield

Whenever the yielding act is in doubt, choose to yield. Allowing someone else to go in front of you is not passive driving. It should be an act of safe driving. However, you need to know the difference between defensive yielding and hesitating in a way that could potentially cause accidents. It’s difficult for people to assess when it’s “time” to move and when it’s time to wait.

When you have a yield on a green light or stop sign, make sure that you follow the basic rules of the road. When it comes to the green light situation, you must yield until it is safe for you and all others on the road. Meaning that if pedestrians are crossing the street, then you must wait for them to cross before you can turn as well. At stop signs, always yield to the person who stopped first or is on your right.

Slow Down

Slowing down is the best way to navigate the streets with greater safety. Not only will you have to put watch your speed more closely, but also pay attention to the flow of traffic around you. If you spend your time in the fast lane, then move over and slow your speed.

Use Tech for Safety Extras

There are ways that technology or an app on your phone can help prevent accidents. Verizon has a comprehensive list of apps that they support to help prevent distracted drivingd. Some are for parents to help limit distractions for teen drivers, while others are for adults who want to ensure they’re battling distracting habits. Keep in mind that yes, some require a subscription, but many are free.

Always Wear Your Seat Belts

In 2012, 94% of Texans reported that they regularly wore their seatbelts, which is way up from 68% in 1992. But, that percentage drastically changes for night drivers. Then when you consider that the people who aren’t wearing seatbelts are often the same ones that engage in other risky behavior such as high speeds, it seems only reasonable that these people are at much higher risk. But there are times when even the safest of drivers simply forget. Don’t forget your seatbelt, make it a sustainable habit that you click-it, and that everyone else in the car does too.

Have a Texas Car Accident Attorney Plan

You can find a Texas car crash lawyer that’s right for you before a crash happens. One of the last things that you want to worry about after an accident is how you’re going to resolve the insurance element of the crash. If you have an attorney’s number on file, you can shoot over an email or dial up the office directly rather than start your search at that time. The law offices of John B. Jackson serve to help victims of any type of crash. Now, knowing that there are very unsafe drivers on the road, you can take our number and put it on file now.

Or, you can contact our offices as soon as you get into a crash, so you don’t miss a step when resolving your settlement. Our top attorneys will guide your family through the financial recovery process of a car accident in Texas.