Taken Off Guard

Georgia is known as a metropolitan city without the metropolitan traffic. Simply put, it is safer to drive in Georgia than many of the other large cities. However, what do you do when you are faced with an accident? With fewer accidents than the average city, victims are left unknowledgeable about what they need to do in the case of an accident. It is a confusing time, especially because finding a balance between liability, responsibility, and self-incrimination is a fine line. Here are some tips to avoid putting yourself in the cell.


The Basics of the Road


When faced with an accident, make sure you take yourself off the road. Pull over to the side but make sure it is in an area that is safe. In other words, do not pull over until there is a safe, specified area for you to pull over into; the alternative is stopping in an area where you might be susceptible to being hit by a vehicle. Next, make sure you step out of your vehicle from the passenger’s side of the car. Remember that despite the cause of the accident, both drivers have a responsibility to take precautions following the accident. Also, make sure that the passengers of both cars are alright. By doing so, you can check the current condition of passengers so they do not make changes to their claim later. In other words, if you do not check, the other vehicle’s passengers may state that they had a broken bone at the time of the accident. Call the authorities; they may or may not come but will provide you with the next steps in ensuring that the injured find medical attention. Make sure you gather names, phone numbers, insurance information, VIN numbers, and pictures of the accident and crash. Take this information and report to your insurance company immediately, before either party leaves. With smart phones a commonplace product, it is easy to simply snap a picture of the accident and vehicles and personal information but be sure to email this back to yourself immediately – on the off chance that this information is lost on your phone, you want to have another place to locate it. Finally, once you have parted ways, make sure to follow-up with your insurance company. They will either tell you to call the other party’s insurance to pursue legal action or your company will personally manage the case, depending on the situation and damages. In addition, an entire list of liability exists for you to look at; we suggest taking a gander to understand the ordinary duties required from a driver.


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